Sit Back And Relax When You Need A Portable Toilet Rental

Portable toilet rentals are no longer the butt end of a bad joke; they are an example of the science and art of utilitarian design. Let’s take a look at the different types of portable toilet rental available, and where they might be the most useful for you. Each have their different prices and it is up to you to work out which is best for your needs and which will keep your visitors the most happy.

Portable Toilet Rental

Cold Wash Portable Toilet

A cold wash portable toilet rental is easy on the eyes and hard on the sinuses because, well… you know. This is the Third World or Dodger Stadium standard found at sporting events and county fairs. They come in green and gray and have a little “vacant/occupied” sign that pops up when you latch the toilet door. Sometimes trusting souls don’t latch the door; bingo! You step in, the toilet smells like a stink-bomb, and as your eyes adjust to the dark you realize someone is silently staring up at you from the golden spot. These are great inexpensive units for temporary construction crews that like to drink beer and smoke cigars.

Hot Wash Portable Toilet

From the outside, the hot wash portable toilet rental appears the same as the cold wash; however, this model offers hot running water. You’ve finished your business, step over to the basin, touch something (this is where you have issues) and the hot water shoots out. You push on the soap dispenser (more issues) wash your hands and at last you are clean. Now you turn the hand crank that everyone else has turned on the paper towel dispenser and think about it… you’ll have to start over again. Also, in order to dispense hot water, this portable toilet has to have electricity. You have to touch a lot of stuff and the water is way too close to the electricity. Additionally, the sink is bigger for immersing your forearms during your wash. Why do you need to immerse your forearms? You’ve either had an accident or you are going from here to perform surgery.

Disabled Portable Toilets

Disabled portable toilets have grab rails, non-slip flooring and a low level toilet. You get to grab what everybody before you has grabbed and sit closer to the floor than you already are, and you are already closer to the floor than you really want to be. Why did they design this with non-slip flooring? You don’t want to know. This is a great unit for your grandfather’s annual public park checkers tournament.

Mains Connection Toilets

Mains connection toilets are top of the line in a portable toilet rental; these are really nice. They have everything except a hot plate to cook your lunch. These are great because they hook to a sewer line, they don’t smell as bad, and no one can push them over and roll them down a hill while you are inside reading your newspaper. These are great units for private pool parties.

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