Ways to Boost Your App Ranking in Google play store

Every business or app developer wants their newly launched mobile app to stand out from crowed of competitors and get ranked it on the top in app stores. High ranks of a mobile app depend on numerous factors such as understanding of target audience, market research and proper ap store optimization. If you are an app developer or a company looking to improve ranking of your mobile app in Google play store, then go through the following surefire ways to boost your app ranking in Google play store and consider them in your app marketing strategy to cultivate desired outcomes.

App Ranking in Google play store

Understand your Users and Market Competition

It should be on your top priorities as it helps you to create a suitable app marketing plan. Having a clear idea about needs and interests of your users enables you find the perfect niche and competitors in the market. It is a time-consuming task but can end up with useful figures and numbers to make your marketing campaign successful.

Picking the Right Set of Keywords

After competing the market research and understanding the needs of your users, you will be able to choose the right and less competitive keywords for your app. Picking the right set of keywords helps you improve your app store optimization process for better outcomes as almost all mobile app marketing agencies conduct a proper keyword research to help their clients rank higher in app stores. So, try to find out most searched keywords with low competition and use them creatively in your ASO strategies.

Choose an appealing and Suitable Name for your App

A unique and appealing name is another superb idea to rank your app higher in Google app store. It will not only empower the brand recognition but will also help you a lot in app store optimization process. a unique app name comes with lower search competition and heavily affect the app store search results by increasing your app’s visibility.

App Description

Pick the right, detailed and concise app description for your app created with the target and most relevant keywords. Try to describe core features, functions and benefits of your app in the description by using strong and scannable words. Creative use of target keywords in app description plays a significant role in boosting your app rank in app stores.


Never underestimate the power of quality visual when it comes to boost your app ranking in Google play store. Screenshots and short promo video of your app not only increase the search ranking but increase the conversion rate as well. Make sure the app screenshots are highlighting the core features and functions of your app and are of high quality. First 2 or 3 screenshots must be enticing and attention grabbing as they will appear on the top when someone will search and install your app.

Consider External Promotion Options

External traffic plays a significant role in app search ranking. The more traffic you will get for your app, the higher it will rank in app store search results. That is the reason, consider some external promotion tactics and strategies to steer more traffic towards your app to increase its visibility in search results.

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