Reasons That Contribute To Lanyards’ Popularity as an Inevitable Accessory Today

Lanyards are used in almost every domain but many of us aren’t familiar with the term. It’s just that many don’t have a clue what it’s called. They are the cords you see people wear usually at work/educational institutions around their neck. Back in 1500s pirates and soldiers used a short rope to hold their weapon. Today they are used to hold ID tags or a pass.

What are lanyards used for?

Lanyards aren’t just about holding your ID pass though. They serve many other purposes. Tool lanyards are used by construction workers to hold their tools securely. It helps to instantly identify unauthorized people entering premises. They double up as a powerful marketing tool. Among the multiple marketing strategies, this one is effective and inexpensive.

The other common promotional tools are hats, mugs, t-shirts and pen but only few are interested in using these products. Comparatively lanyards appeal to a larger crowd. Apart from distributing custom lanyards to your employees, you can use it as giveaways at tradeshows or conferences and indirectly promote your brand name and mission.


Customize your lanyards:

There are number of manufacturers you can find online. Custom Earth Promos is one of the top picks for event organizers/business owners seeking customized lanyards. Their lanyards are made from eco-friendly materials which in turn boosts your brand image. Get in touch with them and discuss your needs.

Tips for choosing and customizing lanyard:

  • If you are looking for eco-friendly and professional options, consider organic cotton, pet, and cotton or bamboo lanyards.
  • To include full-color graphics or complex graphic, dye-sublimated lanyards are better suitable.
  • Choose safety-breakaway lanyards for sports events and schools
  • Stay away from gaudy and neon colors. They attract more attention the color than to your brand.
  • Subdued shades work great. See that the base color and font color of the message go well with each other.
  • Make sure the lanyard is durable as the ones that snap away easily wouldn’t reflect well on your business. Request for a sample and check its quality before making a bulk purchase. You need to lanyards that would last for years.

Why are lanyards popular today?

Employee engagement: Lanyards facilitate better employee engagement. There won’t be any awkward moments of employees forgetting the names of their colleagues thus encouraging employee interaction.

Keep essential objects handy: Lanyards come with different attachments like rings, hook or a small bull dog clip using which you can secure items like keys, phone and USBs easily. You don’t have to keep fidgeting in your bag looking for keys and USB.

Facilitate customer engagement: Customers interact better with your employees when they are familiar with your employee’s name.

Safety: Safety is one of the top considerations in nay organization. Getting your employees to wear it all times is a way of increasing security. Members who aren’t part of your business cannot enter into unrestricted areas.

Lanyards are practical and inexpensive. They help to strengthen your brand identity and people will easily recognize your brand henceforth.

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