DNA Paternity Tests Are Necessary to Prevent Fraud

The United States Air Force requires that children born to military parents must receive mandatory paternity tests. The reason is to ensure that benefits are received only by legitimate offspring. But should such a practice become widespread? With prenatal paternity testing UK parents, American parents and parents everywhere would know for certain that a child belonged to the father listed on the birth certificate. What are the pros and cons of making this mandatory?

DNA Paternity Tests


There are a number of reasons people might object to such a measure. It’s an invasion of privacy by the government. It’s disrespectful to men and women in a relationship. It’s further government interference in people’s lives. Many people are uncomfortable with the thought of UK DNA testing and other types of testing on the genetic level in the first place. Asking them to accept yet another test of this type may simply be too much for some people.

It Could Happen to Anyone

Many people think that men being duped about a child’s paternity is something that only happens rarely and only to the types of people who appear on daytime television talk shows. However, R&B singer Ne-Yo has recently been involved in a public paternity dispute that shows such a deception can happen to anyone. Furthermore, statistics shows that more than 250,000 men in America are deceived in this way each year. In truth, this number may only be the tip of the iceberg.

Other Types of Identification and Testing

It’s not as though at birth, infants are released into the world without having any information recorded about them. Their blood type is tested and noted, and they are also tested for sickle cell anemia and Phenylketonuria. Of course, the maternity of the child is never in doubt, and the child is matched by bracelet with its mother. Why should be there be so much resistance to testing and recording the paternity as well?

Protecting the Rights of Men

Men are required by law to provide for the children that are legally theirs. Therefore, deceiving a man about paternity breaks the law. Why should tests not be put into place that will detect and prevent this from happening? Some men are willing to raise children who are not biologically theirs. They love and care for them as if they were their own, and they should be commended. However, men should not be forced to do this if they are unlucky enough to be in a relationship with a woman who has lied to them about the child’s paternity. This is fraud, and it should be treated as the criminal matter that it is.

Denigrating Men

Men and fathers in particularly are often not held in high regard in pop culture. They are portrayed as forsaking their duties. It’s time to start ensuring that they care for children who belong to them while not obligating them to raise children who are not theirs unless they choose to do so.

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