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How to Buy a Quality LED Floodlight Solution

In the field of exterior lighting the use of LED lights has become increasingly popular over recent years. Consumers and industrial users alike have found that this type of lighting has become less and less expensive, whilst also seeing real increases in efficiency and a reduction in replacement and maintenance costs. LED lighting in general and LED floodlighting in particular are therefore likely to continue to increase in popularity. But what exactly is LED lighting, what is it commonly used for, why is it preferable to other conventional forms of lighting and how should you buy a quality LED floodlight solution?

We will try to answer these important questions below.

What Is LED Lighting?

LED lighting makes use of solid state lamps, whose source of light is a light emitting diode (LED). LED produces light when electrons move around the lamp’s semiconductor body, the semiconductor consisting of positively and negatively charged components. In this way, LED lighting differs from lighting in incandescent bulbs, which emit light through thermal radiation and fluorescent tubes, which work by passing electricity through mercury vapour, giving off ultraviolet light.

LED lighting is becoming more and more popular

LED lighting is becoming more and more popular

What Are The Common Uses of LED Lighting?

There is really no limit on the uses to which LED lighting can be put but there are certain areas where it is particularly appropriate. One of these is in hospitals, where the need for available bright white light, in the form of both spot lighting and strip lighting, is obvious.

Another popular use of LED lighting is in the retail and storage trades. Supermarkets, which are now often open for twenty four hours a day and warehouses all benefit greatly from the quality of light emitted from LED strip lamps.

Similarly, as offices have developed into more open-plan environments, they have also made more and more use of LED lighting, enabling employers to maintain a bright environment that is conducive to the needs of their office workforce.

Street lighting, floodlighting, the lighting of greenhouses and a wide range of residential uses round off the almost infinite range of ways in which the LED lighting might be utilised.

Why Choose LED Lighting?

There are three main reasons for choosing LED lighting.

Firstly, it is considerably more efficient than the other forms of lighting mentioned above. The bulbs can last many times longer than other types of bulb and although they are undoubtedly more expensive, this added expense rapidly diminishes the longer the bulb lasts.

Secondly, many people believe that the quality of white light emitted from the LED light is superior to that of the incandescent or fluorescent lamp. That is especially important in certain industries and services, where the need for bright, clear white light is paramount.

Finally, because LED lights last so much longer than other types of lamp, LED lighting is far more environmentally friendly, producing substantially less waste to dispose of.

Buying a Quality LED Floodlight Solution

When looking for a quality, LED floodlight solution, there are certain things to bear in mind. The first of these is that LED floodlights have a wide range of applications. Whether you are looking to floodlight the interior or exterior of a property, there will be an LED solution available.

Secondly, it is important to bear in mind the greater lifespan of some lamps compared to others. Always ensure that you are made aware of the life expectancy of the system that you are interested in installing.

Finally, seek clarification of the range and brightness of the system, as they can differ greatly according to power, brightness and price.

A bright LED light can look beautiful when used properly

A bright LED light can look beautiful when used properly


Whether you want to floodlight a warehouse, a forecourt or a car park or you want to incorporate floodlighting into an industrial or domestic security system; LED lamps are likely to provide a solution.

It is important to recognise that, although the initial expense may be higher than for other forms of lighting, the cost savings over time, the efficiency of the lighting and the benefit to the environment will make LED floodlighting a worthwhile investment.


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