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Why Non-Profit Organizations Should Go Solar?

Non-profit organizations are working towards various causes that affect our community in one way or the other. Countries around the globe have profit-oriented as well as nonprofit organizations functioning to make the world a better place to live in. They usually get donations, which enable them to work more effectively and efficiently in serving the society and the common man. Thus, there is something common between nonprofit organizations and going solar. Both consider the betterment of society and the environment overall.

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Non-profit organizations are usually financially constrained. They have a set budget for themselves in which they try to manage their ongoing activities. Exceeding the budget can cause problems for the functioning of the organization; therefore, money is spent with extreme caution.

Then why should nonprofit organizations consider going solar when the investment in such a project is huge? Well there are many reasons why such organization should consider going solar. Before getting into the details, it is important to mention here that according to a poll conducted online, it was analyzed that almost 97% of people living in USA overestimate the cost of going solar. This clearly depicts that people still need education regarding solar options they have under their belt.

Coming back to the advantages non-profit organizations can gain through going solar, primarily, the philosophy behind non-profit organizations and the essence of going solar both complement each other. Through utilizing solar energy, non-profit organizations can certainly enhance their public image. Besides this, you will be able to save money by reducing electricity bills and spending the saved money on something more cause worthy. When it comes to finances, it is not necessary that such organizations have to spend out of their pockets on solar projects. There are many options available to them. They can get grants and loans from third party just as they get donations from them.

In countries like USA, a lot is being done in facilitating the adoption of solar projects by nonprofit organizations especially schools where solar projects have been put into use on a wide scale. In the USA, it is often considered that nonprofit organizations have a disadvantage because they do not qualify for the 30% tax credit on behalf of Federal Treasury Grant, which is available to commercial units.

However, there are other more feasible options available at hand for the non-profit organizations through which they can implement solar projects. These options notably include leases and power purchase agreements (PPAs) which is a sort of federal incentive available at hand for the non-profit organizations.

Option of 100% financing is also available in some circumstances. In the state of Massachusetts, non-profit organizations, prominently schools have adopted solar systems on a wide scale. This practice continues in a state that offers much help in terms of incentives being provided for going solar.

Ruling against Solar Tax Credits Non Profits Massachusetts the same as in other parts of the USA. However, the state has utilized other financing options in a much appropriate way to encourage such society building organizations to take a step further and opt to go solar.

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