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Why Buy Insurance From A Mexican Insurance Store

Drivers that plan to cross the border into Mexico may have the best comprehensive vehicle insurance available – in the United States. What many drivers don’t know is that insurance is not valid once you cross the border, so purchasing specific Mexico insurance is a necessary part of planning a trip. Trying to get out of paying for insurance can mean not only that your vehicle isn’t covered, but there is also the risk of jail time in a foreign country if there is an accident without valid insurance coverage.

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One of things that many people don’t realize is that in many parts of Mexico, unlike the United States, vehicle insurance is not required by law. While it may seem like it isn’t necessary to bother with finding a Mexican insurance store since it isn’t required by law, keep in mind this means many drivers don’t carry insurance. No matter who is responsible for an accident, it becomes almost impossible to collect for damages if you are in an accident while out of the country.

Sometimes called tourist insurance, Mexico insurance is available before you travel, or you can purchase it at the border. Shopping for the best price ahead of time is always better than getting stuck with buying it on the border.

Once you have your insurance coverage, what do you do in the event there is an accident? While most parties frequently settle small accidents among themselves, if you have Mexico insurance and there is major damage or injuries, it will be necessary to contact the Mexico insurance store where you purchased insurance. You will need to wait until an adjustor can come and help file the claim.


Make sure that the coverage you purchase comes with a good rating (the A.M. Best US ratings is a good source) – “A” or better, and that the offices for the company will be accessible near the cities you will be visiting. This will help ensure there will be an agent or adjustor should you need one.

Insurance purchased outside of Mexico for Mexico is not legal. In order to purchase Mexico insurance, you will need to have the following during the purchase:

  • Proof of ownership of the vehicle
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Proof of Registration
  • Letter from lienholder allowing travel if there is money owed.

Any traveler heading to Mexico may also want to research the need for an IDP, or International Driver’s Permit. This is a document that shows that you are legally allowed to drive in your country of origin, and allows the driver to drive in over 160 foreign countries. When driving with an IDP, it is still necessary to show both the original state license as well as the international driver license.

Mexico continues to be one of the top destinations for tourists and businesses, as the cost of living is low and the climate and environment are nice. Use some of the money you save from travelling affordable to make sure you are properly covered by Mexico insurance that will prevent you from losing money in the event there is an accident.

This article was written by Linden Gray and provided exclusively to the website you are viewing it from. Mr Gray is a cross border auto insurance expert and frequently writes about Mexico insurance as it relates to travelers entering Mexico from the United States.

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