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Which Shipping Method Is Right for Your Business?

The history books suggest that the development in transport technology is responsible for the state of today’s world – with improved forms of transport allowing for increased trade across the globe. While such developments might not be quite as obvious in the modern day, there’s no doubt that transport is still one of the major factors of international, and national, business.

Shipping Method

When the first major transport breakthroughs were made, businesses were most probably transporting most of their goods via a horse and cart. Other methods, such as boats and trains gradually entered the picture and nowadays, there are four major methods that businesses can take advantage of. We’ll now take a look at these approaches to help you decide what is right for your business.

Cargo ships

If we’re talking about the UK market, this is probably a method of transport that will apply to very few nationwide businesses. Admittedly, some may use this method for the transportation of goods from one end of the country to the other – but the location of ports means that this is rarely the case.

Instead, cargo ships are mainly used by international businesses. It’s thought that over 50,000 merchant ships are functional in the world and with all of them able to transport a variety of goods, they can be used for practically every business. The containers on such ships are sized between 20 and 40 feet long depending on the carrier and with companies such as providing such solid security systems, they are ideal for those businesses that need a lot of items manoeuvred across countries. Cargo ships happen to be cheaper than other options, such as planes, but unsurprisingly they do take longer to deliver your goods so you will have to calculate whether you can afford such losses in time.


As you may have gathered from the previous paragraph, planes are one of the quickest forms and any business which prides itself on speed should be looking towards this solution. Unfortunately, it also means that it is the most expensive and judging by recent developments in the industry, prices are only going to increase. Furthermore, air transport is only designed for smaller items, with the price calculated based on both the dimensions and weight of the item.


If you merely need to transport your products by land, a rail solution could be sustainable. It’s generally assumed that this method is only viable if your goods are travelling over 700 miles – but it can work out to be extremely cost effective in these instances. The capacity of cargo trains happen to be very high so if your business does handle large products, this is a very good option. Unfortunately, it is also a slower method and have to consider the collection of your shipment once it reaches the destination station.


It’s no secret that the UK haulage industry is booming, although whether or not that will continue to be the case as fuel prices increase will be interesting to see. It’s the most common form of freight transport and unlike some of the above methods, which will not cater for certain products, different trucks can be used for each shipment. It also happens to be one of the cheapest and if you can use a large logistics firm that use multiple drivers to combat driving time laws, it can prove to be one of the quickest as well.

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