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What Makes a True Social Media Guru?

There are thousands of self-proclaimed social media gurus, masters, ninjas, experts, whatevers… but that doesn’t mean they all have the skills or knowledge to help your business. You need to look for someone that has a track record of success in social media marketing and management. Take a look at these three qualities that make a true social media guru and how you can spot them.

Knowledge on How to Engage Customers on Social Media

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According to Adido-Digital, every business will have a social media guru in the future. This is because customers have come to expect businesses to have fan pages on the major social media sites. So, the most important thing a social media guru should be concerned about is making sure posts are engaging to customers and keep them coming back for more.

When interviewing potential social media gurus for your business, ask them about the strategies they have used in the past to engage customers. If they give you several examples, they may be a true social media guru.

The following is a list of answers to look for:

  • Running promotions or giveaways
  • Creating videos in the hopes of going viral
  • Posting humorous quotes and pictures
  • Providing only quality information and links
  • Creating polls and surveys
  • Asking customers for feedback

Strategies for Social Media Posting Times and Frequency

The content of your posts is very important, but all of the planning and creating will go to waste if your customers never see it. Therefore, when hiring a social media guru you should look for someone that understands the strategies for posting times and frequency on social media sites.

All of the social media networks are a little different in terms of when they have the most users online, as well as when posts tend to get the most shares and likes. For instance, according to Mashable, Wednesday at 3:00 pm is the best time to post on Facebook while Twitter gets the most traffic after 7:00 pm on Sunday through Tuesday. Your social media guru should know this sort of thing, but they should also suggest that you experiment with both the frequency of posts and the timing.

Understanding How to Manage an Online Business Reputation

Social media gurus are typically responsible for posting on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts, which means they need to have a strong understanding of what can damage the reputation of a business. When hiring a social media guru, make sure they can give examples of bad reputation management. For instance, posting content about a political subject is bad if it is not related to your business because it may offend customers unnecessarily. Also, make sure your social media guru knows an overview of so they can monitor and repair any damage your business may have already encountered through social media.

Just because a person has worked in social media for a few years does not mean they are a guru. That’s why you should ask the questions mentioned in this article when hiring one to make sure you get a true social media guru. Do you have any advice for businesses looking for a social media guru?

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