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Web Trends for 2013

Since web surfing is mostly done using mobile devices, the websites have started to take different turns and trends. The web designers are trying to keep up with the way people use the internet. Different mediums of accessing the internet had influenced the way they design websites. Here are some of the trends which will take off during 2013.

 career web designResponsive Layouts

Website layouts which can automatically adjust to the width of the screen of the device used will be a prominent trend. When the mobile internet devices were initially introduced, separate customized websites were created to be used by the mobile devices. But those were minimalistic websites and they did not contain all the contents of the main website. But since there are various types of devices used to access the internet it is quite sensible to create responsive layouts for the websites which would run on any platform.

Bigger Photo Backgrounds

Capturing the attention of the website visitor is very important for a website. In general photos get the attention of the eye. Having an oversized photograph in the background is an excellent trick to get the attention of the human eye.  If used wisely such large photos can be used to get the attention which would inadvertently act as a marketing tool.

Fixed Header Bars
Websites with a fixed header bar is not a new concept but it is trending as it is getting popular among the internet users. Having a fixed header bar allows the visitors to scroll down the webpage while the header bar with navigation and the link back to the home page is fixed to the top of the page. This makes the navigation quite easy. The internet users who browse the internet using mobile devices get heavily benefited with these header bars.

Quick Response Codes
The common use of smartphones has opened the doors for the QR code applications. These Quick Response Codes were developed from the older UPC barcodes. Nowadays you can see these codes are tagged in places from restaurants to automobile sales shops. Currently you can see the QR codes printed on paper or stickers. But as these QR codes make the data transmission faster it will soon be appearing on websites as well.

Minimalistic Landing Pages

An online landing page is all about capturing new leads for a particular product or a service. Minimalism seems to be the key word for an effective landing page so it will keep everything simple and give prominence for the targeted product.

Internet browsing has grown into a very ordinary day to day activity in almost every corner of the world. And the web designers also come from every part of the world. Hence it has become one big global community. A trend started in one corner of the world can easily spread around the world and become a standard practice making things easy for everybody. New trends will be added and existing trends will be changed according to the constant feedback around the whole world.

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