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Try The iPhone 5’s Most Downloaded Apps

If it’s access to a great selection of apps and games you want then now could be the right time to look at EE iPhone 5 deals. Apple recently announced the 50 billionth download from the App Store and the number only seems set to increase with new offerings each day.

Once you get the handset you’ll be presented with a choice of thousands of free applications covering categories such as news, entertainment, health and fitness, games and sport. Such is the level of choice it may be difficult knowing where to start. So with that in mind, why not find out what the top five free downloads have been according to Apple?

Iphone 5 downloaded apps


The social network claims to have 800 million global users so it’s perhaps unsurprising to find that its app is the most downloaded. It offers access to your timeline with a single press to your touchscreen, bringing you a mobile-friendly version of the website. Sending instant communication to friends is easy too with its built-in Messenger, so it’s never been simpler to stay in touch.


Got a particular kind of music you want to listen to? Then put the artist’s name in to Pandora and it will create a customised radio station using similar sounding musicians. You can even come back to stations you like on another format as the app is fully integrated with the web version.


If you love taking photos and sharing with friends Instagram is the app for you. Follow your friends to start seeing snaps they’ve taken appear on your live feed. A variety of cool filters and editing features are incorporated, so getting the perfect picture is easy. You can even add and search for images as it uses hashtags in just the same way as Twitter.


This app gives you quick and easy access to the video-sharing website, particularly if you own a 4G phone. It allows you to search and watch its content and makes it easy to share to other sites such as Twitter and Facebook. There is even the ability to voice search and subscribe to your favourite channels.


If you like talking to friends face-to-face then Skype could be the app for you. This mobile version of the popular video call service allows you to chat with other users for free. If you want to slash your phone bill this might be the way to do it.

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