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Top 5 Awesome Uses of Solar Panels

People across the world have embarked on the struggle for getting an alternative source of power. Solar power is the most appropriate solution to getting your home powered. There are endless benefits of using solar panels in your home. Below are the top 5 awesome uses of solar panels. Before getting solar panels installed to your roof make sure you have All Around Roofing and Exteriors Inc check your roof to ensure it is stable enough for solar panels.

Solar panels

Free Electricity

This use attracts many people. You can have your home fully powered without requiring power from the power company. In addition to saving on your bills, you will be playing a great role in conserving the environment. Solar energy is renewable, clean and is exclusively silent. The cool thing is that you will never feel the effects of major black outs in your town of city. You will have power throughout even if storms rip out power lines. Power bills are among the most expensive utilities.

Source of Income

Solar panels are easy to install and have guides for a person with the slightest knowledge about them. You can thus build a highly effective solar panel through a step by step guide. You can start earning cash by providing excess power from your panels to some people. You can even learn how to make the panels yourself and sell them for some extra cash.

Although solar panels are generally used in the office and at home, their uses are not limited to these areas.

Moisture Control

Irrigation is used in some areas to water crops. The advantage of this is that you can regulate the moisture content of the soil with ease. The moisture content of the soil can be determined using feedback mechanism. In case of insufficient moisture, solenoids are used to open valves so that water can flow to the crops. PV panels are used to power solenoids, motors and circuits that are used in such processes. This offers reliable alternative source of power from the sun instead of relying on mains.

They can be used to power surveillance cameras

Surveillance cameras are fixed on high places. This means you have to pull cables to the roof top or of other structures like a pole if you will depend on mains to power it. This is tedious and cumbersome. The alternative is to fix a wireless camera together with a small solar panel to the top of the structure. This is favorable for PV panels as they are not from the sun’s rays by other structures.

Tax Breaks

The government has embarked in giving tax cuts to those who invest in natural energy. This is because such people are saving money as well as aiding in reducing the great energy crisis. You should therefore take advantage of these generous tax breaks, do not wait until it is made mandatory.

Solar panels are designed for use anywhere within the country because people have realized the importance of this “free” power. They make maximum use of sunlight, which causes a reaction on hitting the cells, resulting into an electric current, which consequently makes electricity. Those who have invested in them have observed and enjoyed substantial energy bills reduction.

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