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Tips For an Easter Themed Wedding

Are you getting married this Easter? Spring is one of the most beautiful times of year and the highlight of it, Easter, is a family time full of joy and optimism as the sun starts to take his hat off for the rest of the year. It is not surprising that more and more people are choosing to tie the knot at this time and there are lots of ways you can theme your big day – here are my tips for turning your wedding day into an Easter extravaganza.

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Bunny decorations

Bunny rabbits are absolutely iconic when it comes to this time of year, and often the first thing we think of when it comes to Easter, you probably don’t want to dress up as a bunny for your big day, so fortunately for you there are tons of decorations you can buy to tie in with this theme.

  • Bunny rabbit napkins – you can find tutorials on how to make bunny rabbit napkins on the internet pretty easily, but they take some practice! This is the art of folding your napkin so that it has two big floppy ears and looks like a rabbit.
  • Bunny salt and pepper shakers – spice up your meal with seasonings that are rabbit themed!
  • Ring holders – yes, you can even get bunny rabbit ring holders for the main event!

Easter Eggs

Eggs are another huge part of Easter, whether chocolate or otherwise, and there are some brilliant ways you can incorporate them.

  • Place card alternative – one of the best and most creative uses I’ve seen is for eggs (usually plastic) to be used as the place name cards at a wedding, put them in an egg cup and write the name on in marker pen for a quirky table decoration.
  • Egg hunt for the children – if you’re lucky enough to be getting married at a big country estate or likewise you may have a garden space where you can organize an egg hunt for the kids, who are often overlooked on wedding days.
  • Egg favors – a lovely gift for your guests to take away could be a porcelain or china egg with the bride and groom’s names painted on.

Easter Flowers

Easter is a floral kind of time, with shades of green (of course) lovely pastel pinks, oranges and yellows, which you can take advantage of pretty easily, and you’re probably going to need flowers anyway!


  • Shaped biscuits – why not a chick or bunny shaped biscuit as a snack or dessert option at your meal?
  • Chocolate eggs – these might be best for the kids, but you can make them a bit more classy and upmarket by using cute spring wicker baskets to hold them in.
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