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The Cheapest Ways to Call Brazil from the US

The relationship between the United States and Brazil continues to flourish.

According to Time Magazine, some 1.2 billion Brazilians visited the United States in 2011. Furthermore, reports of Brazilians that have emigrated to the US stand anywhere between 300,000 and 1.3 million. In addition to this, Brazil’s role as an emerging industrial and business power means that there is further need for two-way communication between the two countries, and the Americas as a whole.

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All of this shows that there is a clear market for cheap calls to Brazil from the US. For those on the hunt for these cheap calls, here are some of the most cost-effective ways of getting in touch.

1. Use a Local Number Supplier

Today, a number of suppliers like Local03 are able to provide a telephone number that allows the user to make calls at a local rate, even if the country they’re calling (for example, Brazil) is not their native country. Getting a local number is one of the cheapest ways to call Brazil from the US.

2. Use the Internet

Internet calling (or VoIP) has blossomed over the last few years. Now dedicated online telephone companies exist that charge rates as low as ¢1.5 per minute. Furthermore, computer-to-computer calls have opened up the world of free calls.

3. Use a Specialist International Plan

Most telephone providers have cottoned on to the idea that people want/need to make international calls and realize the potential for generating customer loyalty if they provide these call cheaply. Most now offer specific international plans to provide cheap calls to locations across the globe, including Brazil.

4. Take Advantage of Special Offers

Those seeking cheap calls to Brazil should also keep an eye on the special offers provided by telephone providers. For example, some offer free international calls if you add a certain level of credit to your cell phone. Typically such calls are permitted only on the weekend, but a free call is a free call.

5. Use an International Calling Card

Finally, it may be old fashioned by international calling cards remain a good way of securing cheap calls to Brazil. With an increase in the number of providers on the market also, the charge rates on such cards are becoming very reasonable.

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