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Thai Translation Demand on the Rise as Internet Services Expand

Demand for Thai translation services is on the rise thanks to explosive internet growth in the country. As broadband becomes increasingly ubiquitous and smartphones with full internet access become the norm for many Thai citizens, website translation will continue to be a major goal for companies looking to capitalize on the Thai economy.
Driving a lot of this expansion for professional translation services are low cost smartphones and tablets. According to Thailand’s Minister of Information and Communication Technology, approximately 52 million internet users are expected by the end of 2013, compared to only 26 million users at the end of 2012. Even more astonishing? A survey by the Ministry’s Electronic Transaction Development Agency discovered 93.8% of users had used social media, with half of these Thai users reporting they shopped via social media.

Thai Translation Demand

The message is clear: Thai internet users aren’t only checking email— they’re fully engaged in social networks and leveraging those networks for eCommerce. Professional translation services with a specialization in Thai translation can help brands understand how to communicate clearly and effectively not only in Thai, but in the context of social networks and websites.

Given that so many Thai customers are relying on mobile devices to access websites, it’s important to consider the user-interface impact Thai translation will have on your mobile website translation. Professional translation services with experience in Thai translation will take into account the potential impact the Thai language characters will have on elements such as buttons, menus, and forms.

Brands should not expect Thai customers to have a familiarity with English, and a half-hearted investment in Thai translation will generally hurt a company’s reputation, creating a gap which competitors can easily exploit by investing in professional translation services. Ideally, your company should work with Thai translation services that retain current, native speakers. If possible, the linguist should have familiarity with the subject or industry where your company expects to compete.
As speeds increase, use of government-sponsored WiFi hotspots grow, and prices for network access decline, the Thai market online is looking very strong in the years to come. Given that average time spent online in 2013 has risen to 32 hours per week (up from 18 hours per week in 2011), there’s little doubt that brand new customers will reward those companies who will leverage a little Thai translation to connect with the country.

In seeking professional translation services for website translation for Thailand, be sure to measure your investment against these impressive potential returns. Can you really gamble your website translation on anything but quality Thai translation? From your own home page to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LINE, and Google+, you’ll want to be able to speak the language like a native.

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