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Telecommunications – A Thriving Field

IT is a highly competitive field; it is hard to progress in and even harder to enter, especially now that economic stagnation has seen cutbacks and streamlining across the board in many companies in order to cut costs. A glance at any UK IT job board, however, reveals that telecommunication vacancies are on the rise.

Among the reasons for this apparent anomaly is that, even in difficult economic times, companies need to maintain contact with all their resources and their clients. And, as technological changes continue apace, it is vital that they have on their staff experts in the highly specialised field of telecommunications.


The demand for telecommunications professionals is not restricted to the major telecom giants like British Telecom. Companies in the financial services sector, SMEs and the public sector all have an ongoing requirement for suitably qualified staff as a properly functioning communications system manned by staff competent in its use are a vital aspect of their operations.

Staff in many companies, however, do not fully understand the role of telecommunications and have little idea of the variety of jobs in the field that are available. Many labour under the misconception that telecommunications is limited to the replacement or repair of malfunctioning equipment or similar mundane roles.

Although that is part of the function of telecommunications, there is a wide range of other jobs. At one end of the scale, you will find call centre staff. These are an essential cog in the wheel as they are often the first interface between the company and its clients. They must be able to communicate politely and effectively and be able to resolve the client’s issues with the minimum of fuss.

Then there are the technical wizards responsible for developing and maintaining all the telecommunications equipment. They are the unsung heroes who keep the company’s communications lifeline going. And, at the top of the scale, there are the project managers and senior management staff without whom the company would begin to lag behind in the technological stakes and lose its competitiveness.

The importance of telecommunications to a company cannot be overstated. Companies must be able communicate globally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if they are to survive. Any failure in their communications systems, therefore, could have disastrous consequences. Small wonder then that telecommunication professionals are in such great demand.

If you have the right background and qualifications, you should approach an IT recruitment agency like Randstad for information. They will be able to give you the details of telecommunication vacancies that are open across the UK. It could be the beginning of an exciting future or the next step up the ladder in your already successful career.

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