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Story of fast and furious 7

After breaking into the secure hospital wherever a comatose Owen Shaw is being control, older brother Deckard Shaw swears revenge against “the team that unfit [his] brother”. Meanwhile, Saint Dominic “Dom” Toretto, Brian O’Conner, and their crew, pardoned by Luke hobbs, try and livetraditional lives within the United States; Dom makes an attempt to assist Letty Ortiz regain her collections, whereas Brian tries accustoming to life as a father with Mia.
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Shaw breaks into Hobbs’s DSS workplace for information on Dom’s crew, however is caught byhobbs; Shaw seriously injures Hobbs with a bomb and escapes. Dom learns his sister Mia is pregnant again; he convinces her to inform Brian concerning it. they’re interrupted by a phone call: Deckard Shaw, vocation straightaway when having killed Han, erst of their crew, in Tokyo. This tips off Dom that the package on his doorsill is, indeed a disguised bomb; it explodes, destroying the Toretto house. Dom later visits hobbs in hospital, learning Shaw could be a scalawag Special Forcesassassin seeking to penalise his brother. Dom then travels to Yedo to assert Han’s body. There, he meets and races Sean Boswell, a follower of Han’s, WHO provides Dom personal things found at Han’s crash web site, as well as a cross jewelry that Dom had antecedently given Letty. At Han’sobservance, Dom notices Shaw driving by the service; chasing when him, the 2 collide head-on in their vehicles. Shaw slips away once a covert Ops team, led by “Mr. Nobody” and Sheppard, arrive. “Nobody” tells Dom he can facilitate him stop Shaw if Dom helps stop terrorist Mose Jakande fromgetting God’s Eye, a bug which will hack into any device connected to any network. Dom recruits Brian, Letty, Roman Pearce, and Tej Parker to assist. Mia makes Brian promise that, when this mission, he can dedicate himself to their family regular.

The crew delivery their cars over Jakande’s convoy, ambush it, and rescue Ramsey, creator of God’s Eye, then head to United Arab Emirates’s capital, with success feat the God’s Eye flash drive; oneach occasions, the team is pursued by Shaw, targeting Dom. God’s Eye shortly tracks down Shaw; Dom, Brian, “Nobody”, and his men commit to capture him, however square measure ambushed by Jakande’s militants, referred to as in by Shaw. The militants kill the boys with “Nobody”, as well asSheppard, and “Nobody” is seriously battle-scarred, tho’ he manages to flee with Dom and Brian. Jakande obtains God’s Eye from Sheppard’s clay. On their answer of the country, “Nobody” warns Dom and Brian that Jakande can use God’s Eye against them, and, feat “Mr. Nobody” behind at his own request to be exhausted by heavier-than-air craft, they move.

All come back to l. a. to fight on home turf; Dom plans to confront Shaw alone; Brian and therefore theremainder of the crew prepare to upset Jakande and God’s Eye. once Brian calls Mia, she finally reveals to him that she is pregnant with their second kid, a girl. As Jakande pursues the crew viaheavier-than-air craft and drone, Ramsey hacks into God’s Eye with the team’s facilitate, motion it down. Hobbs, seeing the team in hassle, breaks out of hospital associated destroys the UAV by ramming it with an car. Meanwhile, Dom and Shaw fight on a parking garage, before Jakande fires at Dom; Shaw is appreciated once the garage part collapses on him. Dom then drives at Jakande,agitated a bag of grenades onto his chopper, however gets battle-scarred once his automotivecrashes. Jakande nearly flees before Sir Jack Hobbs manages to shoot the bag of grenades, destroying Jakande’s heavier-than-air craft. As Letty cradles Dom’s unconscious body in her arms, she reveals that she has regained her recollections. Dom regains consciousness shortly when, remarking, “It’s concerning time”. Sir Jack Hobbs takes Shaw into custody, and locks him away in an exceedingly secure independent agency jail.

On a beach, Brian and Mia play with their son, whereas Dom and therefore the remainder of their crew appreciate his happiness and acknowledge that he’s best off retired together with his family. Dom taciturnly leaves, however Brian catches up with him at a stop sign. As Dom remembers the days he had with Brian, they assert farewell, driving off in separate directions.

A final title card reads, “For Paul”.

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