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Rewriting Art History And Erasing Borders

art historyLadies and Gentlemen allow me to make a dramatic announcement: we are re-writing and reinventing art history and this is happening right now, even as you read these lines. Never before in history was there a time in which so many people were actively creating and consuming art. You might even say that various art genres can now be considered more wide reaching and powerful than politics. While politically the world is divided and shredded, art genres such as cinema have become nearly total and the same movies are being watched and liked in America, Russia China and various parts of the Middle East.

I think the most interesting question is whether or not art in the internet age can become as powerful as to overshadow politics and in the future make borders become obsolete.

Ideological Countries

I have been selling jewelry for many years and the changes and opportunities that the internet opened up for me amazed me. I suddenly find myself selling jewelry to people from all over the world, to places as far and as different as China and Norway. The same piece of jewelry may seem appealing to a Japanese teenager, an Iranian woman and a young couple in Manhattan. This means that art in the internet age has done something pretty incredible – it tool people that ordinarily would have nothing to do with one another and created a group out of them, united by taste and artistic preference, rather than by physical borders.

Let’s take this and try to place it in a wider context: the internet age is changing the way we lead our lives. The most important communications are now done almost exclusively via the computer screen. The cyber space is gradually becoming more important than the physical space and in my opinion, and please don’t shoot me now, it will gradually become the new country we live in, at least as far as ideological belief and preference.

A Possible Golden Age

As cyber space is infinite, is opens for us a new world of possibilities. The physical world cannot contain all groups that want their independence, the cyber world has place for thousands and thousands of countries and beliefs.

I know that this is far reaching, but I think with social networking and other online services, we have already begun this process. This future world may have its own ugly wars and plenty of opportunism, but it also has enough room, at least potentially, to contain all ideologies and beliefs and give each one of them the space and freedom it deserves.

Doron Heifetz is a professional jeweler and the owner of a leading website for name necklaces and other popular jewelry designs.

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