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Pearl as a Gemstone and The Jewellery

Pearl is a gem that has always been considered of quite high value by the people of the world. No gem besides diamond has fascinated mankind to such an extent as much as the pearl has. It is also the oldest type of gemstone being used in jewelry by the mankind. Formerly, the pearl was supposed to possess mystical power and characteristics due to the glow that seemed to gleam from the very center of the pearl. The glow was considered as powerful inner life by the people of the past. However with the passage of time, the stories and beliefs regarding the mystical powers of the pearl died down and instead people relating the gemstone with love, success, happiness, virtues of modesty and purity. All of these traits and associations made it a popular gift to be given to brides on their wedding day.

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Pearls are popular and widely used in almost all parts of the world. UAE is one of the regions where pearl are demanded in great quantities. Pearls in UAE are considered as a symbol of status and wealth by the people of the region. One of the reasons behind the popularity of pearl among the people of the world is its versatility. These gemstones are considered a good match with almost any kind of dress. The pearl goes well with any style, is suitable for any occasion and can be worn during any time of the day or night. Furthermore they look stylish and smart with the sportswear and add an executive touch to the corporate dressings. These gems also help in increasing the beauty and glamor of even the most glamorous dresses. Also their availability in different shapes, sizes and colors help in making them the most versatile type of gems.

Pearl is commonly used in jewelries worn by the people. Pearl jewelry is quite famous among the people due to above mentioned characteristics of the pearl. The common types of jewelries include Pearl necklaces which can be feminine and simple in a single strand. The necklaces can be made casual by giving the necklace the form of twisted double strand or they can be made more elegant type. This is the kind of versatility that has made pearl necklaces quite famous among people. Pearls can also be used as stud earrings which also is a form of jewelry. Other types of jewelries that can be made by pearls are bracelets, rings and pendant necklace etc. All of these jewelries can be used in all kinds of events and occasions ranging from casual dinners and gatherings to a more formal party where proper formal dress are to be worn. The worth of the jewelry depends on the type of pearls being used in it and their collective worth. Hence a piece of jewelry made with salt water pearls will be more valuable than that made from fresh water pearls.

There are many online pearls vendors in the form of websites that deal with different kinds of pearls. A variety of pearls of different sizes, shapes, colors and qualities are available in these websites and it is quite easier to buy pearls from these websites.

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