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Keep It Running, Keep It Longer

When shopping for a car, we are always looking for the best that money can buy, or is it the best that we can afford? The problem with owning a car is that not everyone has the time or the knowledge to keep their car running properly. Proper car maintenance is not a difficult task, in fact you don’t need a lot of training to do it either. After purchasing your car, whether private, or from a used car dealer, you might want to take a few minutes to consider some of the basic steps in maintaining your car.

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Top it off

If we don’t drink enough fluids we should expect to dehydrate and end up needing medical attention. Just as the human body needs fluids, so too will our car, in fact because there are so many moving parts, with most of those parts being metal, the fluids will eventually break down and an oil change will be necessary. Besides the oil in the engine, we should also schedule some time to change the transmission fluid and don’t forget to change the oil filter.

Can you see your way?

We should never wait until things get so bad that we have trouble seeing before changing the light bulbs in our car. Some people have been known to wait until they get pulled over before replacing the blown bulb, without realising that they could have been presenting a problem to other motorists on the road. We should be inspecting the lights on our vehicle at least twice a month and when we discover that our lighting has been compromised, they should be immediately corrected.

Do you enjoy walking?

Another item that should be checked, at least once a week, should be the air pressure and the treads of your tyres. For those who don’t understand the importance of great tyres, the next time you are driving your car at 80 or 90 miles an hour, take a moment to evaluate the thickness of the treads between the road and the rims. When the tyre pressure deflates, the driver will be at risk of losing everything valuable in the vehicle, especially if he/she is travelling at a high rate of speed.

Can you stop on a dime?

Driving around town has its own set of challenges and although your speed will probably be slower than the motorway, you can still end up in trouble. The brakes in your car are necessary if only for the fact that there are times when you will need to stop in a hurry. The rule of thumb on checking your braking system will vary by manufacturer, but the very first time you feel your brake pads giving way, or pulling to one side, head for the shop.

Impressing is best

And finally, there comes a time when even our car needs a bath, so stop being lazy and go to it. This is the easiest thing an owner can do to help their car run smoother. When it comes to cleaning your car, it may not help you stop faster, or let you see better at night, but good car care can help the driver see through a filthy window, all they need is a little soap and water and some glass cleaner.

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