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How Yoga Can Benefit Expecting Mothers

pregnantyoga1There are many ways that yoga can benefit both expecting mothers and their unborn babies. Using yoga for at least one hour three times a week can positively impact a pregnant woman’s mental, emotional, and physical well being. When a pregnant mother experiences positive emotions and experiences, it can impact the unborn child through chemical reactions in the child, as well as helping to negate the risk of the child being born with a low birth weight.

Understanding What Your Body Needs

Practicing yoga three times a week can help an expecting mother discern what the needs of her body may be. Taking the extra time out and focusing on the body can be beneficial in many ways. It can help an expecting mother by keeping her in tune with things like keeping her body in shape, and pregnancy oddities that might need to be discussed with a doctor.

Keeping the body in shape during pregnancy can help a woman immensely after giving birth. Returning to a regular schedule and losing any baby weight the mother may have gained are both much easier when the body has been kept in shape with prenatal yoga. This will allow the mother to be able to give her newborn much more time and attention, and have more time for herself after the birth.

Prenatal yoga can also assist the body with things like balance and carrying extra weight around. This can have also a tremendously positive impact on an expecting mother.

Physical Preparation for Labor

Labor is one of the most tedious and physically demanding activities any woman’s body will ever have to endure. Preparing for it beforehand will help ensure a smoother child birthing experience. Prenatal Yoga is the best form of exercise a pregnant woman has in her arsenal of combating the physical hardships of labor.

Health Benefits

Prenatal yoga can provide many health benefits for both an expecting mother and her unborn child. Yoga has been shown to decrease nausea, depression, and back pain in mothers. It can also help the expectant mother sleep better at night. Additionally, women who partake in yoga during pregnancy are less likely to have common pregnancy related ailments including high blood pressure and pregnancy onset diabetes.

Alleviating Stress

Yoga is a tried and true method of alleviating stress. It is especially important to avoid stress and stressful situations during pregnancy. High levels of stress can greatly and negatively impact the health of both the mother and the unborn child. Yoga is very helpful when it comes to learning how to breathe right and calm the nerves. It also gets the body moving which is an additional stress reliever.

Other things for stress relief should also be considered. Perhaps some baby related activities like a new jersey baby photographer or getting a scrapbook or baby book started for a new arrival might help to combat stress!

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