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How to Improve Your Home’s Kerb Appeal

What people see from the street does give them an opinion of the owners’ character and of the value of the property. Homeowners who want to make a positive impression will care about kerb appeal. For selling, for personal pleasure in the space and for just being good neighbors, homeowners can improve their front lawn and garden area a little at a time by tackling and completing one project at a time.

Kerb Appeal

Clearing and Building Borders

When the borders become overgrown or when they need to be established in a new front lawn and garden, the owners should clear the edges. The kerb is a border, the driveway is another border, and so is the front of the house and the line where the property ends. With or without border stones or fences, the edges must be cleared of grass and other plants to achieve a neat and trim appearance. Proper tools for this like border edgers make the process simple, even though it is a labour-intensive task.

Creating an Walkway

A proper pathway or walkway that accesses the front door from the driveway or the kerb makes the home look welcoming. These paths are made of various hard surface materials like cement stepping stones, natural stone, bricks and cobblestones. One method of creating the path includes marking out the walkway, digging up the sod, laying black plastic and adding the stepping stones with pebbles poured in around them. Another method requires clearing to bare ground, pouring in cement, and laying brick or stones. A hard, smooth and even surface will provide a safe place to walk up to the front door. You might want to add a door mat, like one of these, to protect your floors, keep them clean and add a nice finishing touch.

Taming and Adding Shrubs

Shrubbery and small trees help to decorate the front of the home. However, any trees or shrubs with deep roots should not be planted anywhere near the foundations of buildings and houses or the underground water and sewer pipes. Any shrubs that are too close to foundations or underground pipes should be removed before costly repairs are needed. When these large plants and trees are correctly planted in good positions, they must be trimmed for neatness. Any overgrowth can be trimmed back and casual or formal shapely bushes and trees will beautify the garden.

Providing Color

Flowers and sculptures help to provide color that is attractive from the street. Delightful flower beds with border stones around them are popular. Color shades are selected by the owners and designers. Blooms can match the home’s exterior or introduce new hues into the space. Care in the arrangement of the plants and maintenance like removing weeds and watering helps the flower beds to look their best. Taller plants surrounded by shorter ones make eye-catching flowerbeds.

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