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Have A Successful Career As A Human Resources Manager

The number of jobs in the human resource (HR) department has increased in the last couple of years as more and more companies realized the need for a knowledgeable and efficient HR team within the organization. As a result, the demand for MBA in Human Resource has increased too. These days HR is among the top choices for MBA after Marketing. Human resource offers many lucrative opportunities, with prospects of a better annual income.

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Human Resource Educational Qualifications

If you want to start a career in human resource, you need to have proper educational background. Hiring managers typically expect you to have studied the field during BBA and MBA, with HR as the main field of specialization. It is not necessary to have done BBA; you can do graduation in any subject and then take up the 2-year MBA courses. It will help to get shortlisted with organizations. The human resource coursework should have topics like training, recruitment, management and compensation.

Further, if you want to go into more specialization, you could do specialized HR courses in the long run. Of course, you have to check whether the specialization will have any demand among employers or not.

Also, if you wish to make a career transition into HR, you need MBA in HR absolutely. Or, do some short-term certification courses that is acknowledged and accepted by employers. If you were in a similar career previously, you will bring that experience into HR but to really make a break in this field, the correct educational qualification is a must.

Entry Level Career Options

Do not expect a plum 6-figure package at the start of your career. Unless you are from IIM, it will be a distant dream. Thus, you have to start off as other MBA pass outs do, that is, get an internship done and start with entry level options. In entry level, you can become a HR assistant with senior HR personnel. Companies usually offer a starting package of 18-20K per month.

You can sign up with many online job boards for an HR position.

Once you have a sizable experience, you can look for a higher position within the company. It is a normal practice for companies to recruit within the company for new openings and then seek outside resources. Or, you can apply to other companies for better salary package and job responsibilities. Nonetheless, spend at least a year or less in the entry-level position to learn how the HR department actually functions because real experience is much different from your MBA coursework.

Responsibilities of an HR Professional

As an HR professional, you are entrusted with the duty to handle daily workplace occurrences. Patience, flexibility and quick decision making should be your forte. You need to interact with a lot of people coming from different educational background, intelligence, experience, skills, knowledge and abilities. You need to handle every person individually and ensure they work towards the organization coherently, that is, as a team.

From the early stage, the HR professional needs to be involved in compliance work; therefore, you need to possess an acute ability to look for details, develop strong communication skills and have rapt business knowledge. As the interactive HR personnel, you work as the voice of management for the employees so you need to have knowledge about company policies and management practices. When you reach a higher level, you are also expected to create management policies!

On the other hand, you are also the representative of the employees and you task is to communicate their problems with the higher management. You need to represent the employee viewpoint too. In short, as the HR person, you have to act as a medium between the employees and the higher management to ensure each understands the others’ requirement and work coherently towards a common goal.

Thus, the ability to think, diplomacy, judgment, listening skills and human capital management are the pre-requisite qualities of any HR professional.


Human resource is really a lucrative field. You need to have the traits of a HR manager and educational qualification to enter the field. Once you are there, work your way up slowly. Responsibilities, acknowledge ment, pay package will increase with time.

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