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Gift Ideas For Beauty Lovers

Men, grab a pen and take notes. You’re going to want to know this. As daunting as it might be to shop for a lady, you can almost never go wrong with shopping for a woman who loves her beauty products. Beauty products are to women what gadgets are to men. Are we on the same page now? Super!

Women love being pampered and if you want them to feel special, what better way to do just that than by indulging them by showering them with beauty products that are sure to make them swoon.

Beauty Lovers

The Prada Candy Set

For the woman who always smells great. Feminine. Classy. Playful. The Prada Candy Set. Vanilla is probably my most favorite scent in the world and so obviously this has to be first on my list. I love when someone smells good enough to eat. And Prada’s Candy set is just you’re going to smell positively scrumptious. With the most amazing hints of vanilla and rich caramel, the set includes a body lotion, a perfume and an eau de partum to keep you smelling exquisite all day long. It’s a perfect combination of seductive and delicate; summery and delicious.


I think Birchbox has just made gift giving infinitely easier. By choosing the ‘Women’s Subscription’, you get to gift the woman in question high-end beauty and lifestyle samples every month. Incidentally, ladies, you can gift your men a subscription of deluxe grooming and lifestyle samples every month as well. What a lovely way to tell your partner, “Honey, I get it.” Is it not?

Make-up brush set

No woman can function without her make-up kit. No, there ain’t none. And no make-up kit is complete without a complete set of make-up brushes. Enter ELF Studio’s 11 piece brush collection. Sleek, soft and so affordable, it’ll blow your mind. The lady in question will be amazed at how well you understand the finer nuances of what women like.

Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Dream Bath

I am a bath junkie. After a long, hard day at work all I want to do is slip into a warm, relaxing bath and just shut the world out for a few hours. In my bathroom, you’ll find my favorite bubble baths, salt crystals and body oils- everything to draw myself a deliciously relaxing, comforting bath. And well, as its name promises, this is indeed, your dream bath. You get out feeling relaxed, soft and pampered. Just the way you want to feel after a hard days’ work. Burt’s Bees Therapeutic Bath Crystals comes a close second. It’s just what you need to help relieve soreness and stiffness in your body after a particularly rough day. And well, the scent is heady and so delicious, there’s no way you can’t feel pampered at the end of it.

Sonia Kashuk Colorblock Cosmetic Bag Collection

Ohmygawww! I am such a Sonia Kashuk fan! And this is just what you really need if you’re always on the go. These bags are so gorgeous and so stylish that they go with pretty everything. Get one of your female friends to help you pick out a bag that your lady love might like. You’re bound to earn some major brownie points with this one! 😉

Shopping for a woman never seemed so easy before, did it?

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