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Five Most Innovative Designs for CafeTables and Chairs

Cafeteria spaces are accelerating swiftly to a lifestyle experience. Keeping pace with rapidly evolving variety of drinks, selections of mood and customer fan-base, these cafes are attempting to lure fresh crop of clients with contemporary upgrade to their traditional seating area. Challenging the conventional tables and chair, are the ultra-modern cafetables, as well as higher stakes on the retro interiors. Some of them caught our fancy for the sheer originality they offer.

The Metropolitan Workstation – if you think it sounds white-collar and sleek, wait till you sneak a peek into these cafe tables and chairs. This very urban themed furniture set takes the Starbucks concept of working in a relaxing cafe lounge, and amps up the workstation quotient. Back-friendly reclining chairs give you that ‘work-from-home’ ease without compromising on theoffice facilities. The portable power point accommodates everything from your iPad charger to a table lamp. A slick paper holder keeps away the mess for students or homegrown writers. Wheel away while your cup of coffee awaits you

C13 - Image - Metropolitan cafe table

The Sparkling Pub table – The anti-thesis of the Metropolitan, this is no work and all play. Admittedly, an import from the world of late-night parties and discotheques, this table is fitted with optical sensors to detect any movement along its surface. The signals then trigger a chain of LED flashes, which give an illusion of a trailing light along the movements. For dim lit surroundings, a perfect touch of mystique.

C13 - Image - Sparkling Pub table

The Green Machine – You are a child of nature. Technology and gadgetry suffocates you. Look no further than the Green Machine! The solid varnish wooden table hosts a trench to allow fresh greens, flowers, bonsai or even aromatic herbs to be planted along the length of your coffee table. A different variant creates a built in planting area in a corner, leaving more continuous space on the actual table. For the more adventurous (or more allergic) there’s a transparent glass body version which hosts the plants inside the body and the sheer glass lid keeps the mess stashed away. The cafe chairs which accompany are suitably minimalistic. If you can’t go out to the nature, bring it to you!

C13 - Image - Green Table

The Coffee Bean – What good is a coffee table if it doesn’t remind you of coffee, right? This strikingly simple idea drives the design for these cafe tables and chairs set, with larger-than-life wooden imitations of coffee bean clusters making the base of the table and a simple rounded edge glass topping it off.

C13 - Image - Coffee Bean Table

The Piano– this unique design of cafe furniture enmeshes fine electronic circuits in the table top, and has patterns like Piano keys on the surface which respond to touch. You can sip your coffee, sit back on those cozy cafe chairs, and idly tap on the table as the relaxing piano sounds soothe your soul. We suspect, very soon that is all you will be doing and the coffee will go cold – but we aren’t complaining!

C13 - Image - Piono Table

There are several other inventive designs coming through: the jigsaw puzzle theme, the paper-plane theme (with a creased valley right down the middle of the table) and the base shaped like video game joysticks or gift-wrap ribbons being suitable catchy. Watch this space.

Mark Long is an architect by profession with expertise in design of cafe tables and chairs. The combination takes him to some of the most exotic cafe spaces. He often returns with amazing design doodles of cafe chairs, and little memory of the coffee he drank.

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