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David Clark Headset – It Sets The Standard For The Entire Industry

In the recent times, all of us are in a hurry to finish off work to go from one place to another. This is the time when we really understand the meaning of phrase – “time is money”. As everyone is busy to rush from one place to another, air travel has become immensely popular. This not only helps us save time, but will also take us form one destination to another within hours. It is here that we can understand the importance of pilots. We actually surrender our lives to them when we board a flight. In such a situation, various pilot supplies become extremely important. Amongst the various pilot supplies, David Clark headsets hold an important place for them.

David Clark Headset

It should be noted here that amongst the various pilot supplies, David Clark headset H10-13.4 is the best selling one. This is the most popular noise-attenuating headset. Pilots from various airlines are of the opinion that no other headset will be able to match up to the level of comfort, performance and reliability that this headset provides. Most importantly, this is one headset which is light in weight because of its design. Thus, pilots won’t get fatigued easily. Apart from this, the headset also comes with a headset bag. The bag will be available to you free of cost.

Among all the pilot supplies, David Clark headsets comes with an extremely low-profile volume knob. It also has the decent settings guards which works well in case of any sudden volume shifts. Apart from this, most experts are of the opinion that this is a headset which sets the standard for the whole industry.

Popular features of David Clark headsets

David Clark headsets have some unique features which not only makes it popular amongst the pilots but also makes it the best in the industry. Here are some of the popular features of the David Clark headsets listed for you:

·David Clarke headset comes with the Flo-Fit Gel Ear Seals.

·This headset has the new Soft Air-Flow Pillow Head pad.

·Also, this headset comes with a reduced headband force.

·This headset has been certified with Noise Reduction Rating – 23 dB.

·David Clark headsets are very lightweight – 13.4 oz.

·This headset is known to have low profile volume control knob.

·It has a moulded cord assembly which has excellent pull and flex standards.

·The headset comes with Universal Flex Boom for the best microphone placement.

·It is known to have the most advanced noise-cancelling microphone – M-7A.

Most of the pilots prefer using David Clark headsets in order to enjoy the best comfort level. If you are a pilot and wish to own such a headset, then you can purchase it online. You won’t have to visit a store for that. Also, you will be able to get good discounts while purchasing these headsets online. You can check out the various online shopping websites in order to check out the headsets available and the discounts that you may get for it.

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