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Cucumber, celery, pear and lemon juice

Cucumber, celery, pear and lemon juice

We celebrated our princess birthday party with great fun, she enjoyed thoroughly, thanks to everyone who wished and blessed her. Since birthday party has heavy with pizza, cake and gulab jamun, I thought I will start this week with a healthy juice. I have seen on Dr OZ show that there is even a 3 day weekend detox diet, for which you have to drink 5 juices a day and eat one meal that has only fruit and vegetables.
I wish I could do that, but afraid to start a complete detox diet, so wanted to start with only morning juice. In future I will try to do a detox diet. I need to get rid of some baby fat that I still have. While growing up I always thought that vegetables are only eaten after it is cooked and eat as curries are that there are not any other ways.  READ MORE >>
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