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4 Tips to Help You Quit Your Tobacco Addiction


Quitting smoking can prove to be one of the most challenging lifestyle changes faced by individuals. Reaching for a cigarette when you feel stressed or bored seems to be the norm amongst hardcore smokers. Perhaps you feel the need to puff away while dining out with friends or grabbing a drink at the local bar.  Quitting the habit can decrease your risk of contracting certain types of cancer or other terminal diseases. Follow these tips to kick your tobacco-smoking habit today.

Decide Why You Wish to Quit Smoking

You must identify a strong motivator before you decide to quit smoking tobacco. Most people are terrified to become sick because of their smoking habit; imagining yourself suffering a horrible, agonizing death due to lung cancer is motivation enough for most individuals who claim they are addicted to smoking. If you want to be around for your friends and family badly enough you tend to do whatever it takes to kick your bad tobacco habit. Figure out why you wish to quit smoking tobacco before taking any other steps to release and replace with habit.

Surround Yourself with a Strong Support System

You might face terrible resistance in the form of insatiable cravings when you quit smoking. Having a strong, inspirational support system of friends in place helps you weather these difficult, trying periods. Virtually everybody who attempts to quit smoking tobacco runs into strong resistance. You might suffer through sleepless nights or overwhelming fits of tobacco withdrawal after deciding to kick your habit. If you can speak to people who have experienced what you are going through you are more likely to stay on course and free yourself of your addiction. Search for online and offline support networks to increase the chances of kicking your bad habit for good.

Manage Your Stress Effectively

Most people turn to cigarettes after experiencing some form of stress. Maybe you are working a dead-end job to pay bills or perhaps you face a ridiculous amount of traffic during your daily commute. You need to find a better coping mechanism for dealing with these stresses instead of a cigarette. Meditating can help you face, embrace and release the low, or negative energies which arise from within your being during moments of stress. Exercise more to boost your endorphin levels and alleviate stress. Learn how to deal with stress from the inside out to take better care of your body and mind.

Replace Tobacco with Alternatives

Purchase an e cig starter kit to venture into the realm of electronic cigarettes. E cigarettes are battery-operated devices which deliver nicotine vapors to the user, providing smokers with a quick fix while helping you avoid dangerous tobacco.  You can also begin chewing sugarless gum to provide yourself with a more healthy habit. You can also use flavored toothpicks or small, bite-sized pieces of dark chocolate as a substitute to taking a drag on a tobacco cigarette.


About the Author: Kelli Cooper is a writer who shares tips to live a healthier life. She suggests finding alternatives to smoking tobacco cigarettes by visiting the white cloud accessories website.

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