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12 Unique Gift Ideas to Give on Father’s Day

Shopping for gifts is not easy. It is physically exhausting, as well as mentally as you would have to think of all the possible gifts out there before you finally come up with one. It is even more stressful if you shop a gift for someone special to you, such as your Father for Father’s Day.

Fortunately, to save you the trouble of having to think of all of it yourself, listed below is 12 unique Father’s day gift ideas you can easily shop!


1.     Handkerchiefs

Yes, they are not as unique as you thought. However, handkerchiefs make for the best gifts out there. Make sure to choose the right colour and voila, you are bound to add more colour to his pocket.

2.     Favourite Team Apparels

Men love sports. It doesn’t matter what it is. No matter how laid back and “unsporty” a man is, he is bound to root for some team in any sport and giving him a jersey of his favourite team or player is one of the best gifts that he will surely treasure.

3.     A Nice Gadget

In this modern age, dads and husbands want to receive something that they actually long for. Much of their income has gone to the bills and to daily expenses for the family and rewarding him with something he can use for fun and work is definitely a good thing. The newest tablet or smartphone in the market is a nice start.

4.     Watches

Men love to wear watches, more so than women do. Men use it for its functionality and the fact that it complements their overall attire. Giving him a new wristwatch is definitely a good way to say thank you for them and to make them feel special on a day made specifically for them.

5.     New Pair of Shoes

One of the nicest things about Father’s day is that stores and shops seem to cooperate and shoes go on ridiculous sales. A nice, new and hip pair of boat shoes, leather shoes, sneakers, rubber shoes, basketball shoes or whatever kind of shoes he fashions make for a very nice present.

6.     Sports Attire and Accessories

Aside from giving him his favourite jersey, one of the best Father’s day gifts out there is to give him something that he can use for his favourite sport. If your dad or husband is the sporty guy, get to know what sports he loves and give him something he can use. A new set of golf clubs to use once he plays golf with his friends is a definitely something that he’d welcome.

7.     Personalized Gift Items

If you’re short on money or simply just want to give something unique, then a personalized gift item is the best way to go. If you’re having trouble coming up with personalized items, a personalized pen, marker, flashlight or even a gift basket is a nice start. Personalized items make for unique and well-treasured gifts and your dad or husband is bound to love using that new personalized mug for his daily coffee.

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