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10 Tips for Being the Perfect Wedding Guest

wedding1Invitations to weddings seem to pour in each year from friends who have decided to take the plunge and to make sure that the couple’s day is as beautiful and memorable as possible, specific behavior is expected from the guests. The following tips will ensure anyone who has been invited to take part in their friend’s special day as a guest will help the wedding couple to have the most beautiful day of their lives.

1. RSVP on time

One of the easiest things to forget is the RSVP card. Since there are specific plans related to the headcount for things like food, it’s always best to let the couple know whether attending is possible.

2. Find a gift on the registry

Nearly all couples register somewhere and so finding something on the registry so as not to double-up on gifts is easy to do.

3. Dress appropriately

Not all weddings have the same dress code and it’s important to be guided by what the couple wants for their guests’ attire. When in doubt, choose formal attire.

4. Talk to the kids about behavior

Bringing kids along to a wedding can be a difficult business, but with a little planning it’s possible to make everything go easily. Simply talking to kids before the ceremony can smooth their behavior during the event.

5. Respect the occasion and be happy

A wedding is supposed to be a happy event and no matter how a guest might feel it’s best to leave the complaining and moaning at home. A guest needs to be there to support the couple and not there to complain about his or her own problems.

6. Don’t crowd the dance floor

The reception might have been held at the largest of New Jersey wedding venues, but that doesn’t always mean there’s room for a crazy dancer. It’s the wedding couple’s turn to shine, and guests are just there to observe unless called specifically to the dance floor.

7. Use good table manners

During the reception, it’s best to make sure that eating and meals aren’t otherwise consumed as if a guest is sitting at home in front of their television. Basic manners at the table are important at such a function.

8. Don’t get smashed

Whether a guest has to pay for their alcohol or whether it’s provided by the couple, getting completely drunk and dancing crazily to the wedding music New Jersey might not go over well with other guests or the wedding couple.

9. Don’t be late

Being late to a wedding is a huge no-no and should someone normally be late to important functions, it’s vital to get out the door early on the day of the wedding.

10. Wait on photo posting

It’s important to wait until the wedding couple has posted their photos before crowding a social networking site with a bunch of photographs of the wedding. Asking the couple for permission to post doesn’t hurt either.

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