What Customers Have to Say About Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes began to make headlines and spark interest of avid smokers around the year 2000 when a Chinese pharmacist by the name of Hon Like introduced the first generation electronic cigarette. The device was initially marketed as a smoking cessation aid that would help millions of smokers kick their habit quickly and easily. Over the years, e-cigarettes have become less desirable by those who wish to quit smoking and more popular amongst individuals that choose to smoke, but would rather do so in a healthier and less-offensive way.

electronic cigarettes

With so much media scrutiny geared toward the tobacco industry these days, more smokers are choosing to switch to electronic cigarettes because they allow them to smoke freely in any environment without bothering others. E-cigarettes do not give off any type of offensive odor and do not release any harmful chemicals into the air for other, non-smokers to inhale. This allows e-smokers to smoke inside of public buildings, restaurants, and at the office. This simple device has helped to revolutionize the world of smoking and has helped many avid smokers make a positive change in their lifestyle.

While the solution in e-cigarette cartridges does still contain nicotine, it does not contain tar and some varieties actually contain less nicotine, making them a healthier option to choose. Electronic cigarettes area available in a wide range of flavors ranging from original tobacco and classic menthol flavors, to more creative varieties such as Pina Colada, wild cherry, vanilla, and java.

Many e-smokers enjoy electronic cigarette products and encourage their friends who smoke to give them a try. If you are a smoker and are interested in making the switch, you can find out about all the pros and cons of e-smoking by reading online customer reviews at electroniccigarettereviews.net. There are several electronic cigarette reviews available online written by real people that discuss the positive and negative side of switching. Many say that it can be difficult at first to get used to using this type of device, but over time you will learn to enjoy this odor-free, healthier alternative to tobacco smoke.

There are dozens of electronic cigarette brands out there for you to choose from, and they are available to purchase everywhere tobacco products are sold including your favorite retail stores, convenience stores and tobacco outlets. You can try out a disposable e-cigarette, or choose to go with a starter pack that supplies you with everything you need. Many e-cigarette customers enjoy the fact that switching to these electronic, rechargeable devices saves them money over time. Each cartridge lasts about as long as a regular pack and a half of traditional cigarettes, and the ability to recharge cartridges allows you to get plenty of smokes for your money.

For the most part, customers who have switched from ordinary cigarettes over to electronic cigarettes are very happy with the change. If you would like to give e-cigarettes a try, take a moment to read over some customer reviews to find out what the most popular brand is and which e-cigarette provides the most value for your money.

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