Top Things You Should Never Write In Your CV

Sooner or later, each of us meets a moment when we need to compose a really professional CV to get a job of our dream. You can find much advice on the web that can help you with that, but such sources tell about what exactly you should write in your CV as a rule. Are there any things to avoid when it comes to your good and professional resume? Sure, they exist, and you’d better pay much attention to them because such mistakes can cost you too much when it concerns your future career.


Meet 10 things you should never write in a CV if you wanna make it look and sound right and attractive for employers.

Never lie!

Remember: a rule “the more – the better” doesn’t work here. Your every word written in a CV is very easy to check, so don’t even try to tell about knowledge and skills you don’t actually have. Even if you pass the interview, you won’t be good enough for your employer as a result, and you’ll search for a new job very soon.

Never write about ALL so called 1-day courses you had in past!

Employers don’t need to know how good you are in knitting or interior design if such skills don’t meet requirements for your future assignment. So, write the information that concerns your future duties only.

Never add your private photo!

Even if you add a photo to your CV, make sure that you wear classic suit or dress for it. Some candidates use their holiday or too explicit photos for a CV, and they don’t even understand that it can decrease their chances to get a serious and well-paid job.

Never use too bright fonts and colors for your CV’s text!

Yes, we understand that you wanna grab an employer’s attention, but sometimes such an individual style can estrange all your potential bosses at once. Moreover, such a CV is too difficult to open and read, as it doesn’t give a chance to summaries the information needed.

Never write your ID number or any other confidential data!

We don’t need any comments here. You personal details may become public at once, and it doesn’t bring anything good for you.

Never specify all positions you can work at in one CV!

Even if your knowledge and skills are enough for more than one job position, it’s better to compose several different resumes where you can write those skills that perfectly fit this or that separate assignment. It will be much easier for an employer to understand if you are good for it.

Never write a CV from the first-person!

Never write a CV from the first-person

That’s not your biography where you tell readers about different events from your life. No need to describe how good, kind and sympathetic you are, what a clever student you were, how much you like playing tennis and so one. Your CV is your official document that will tell your future employer about your professional, not personal skills. It concerns your business knowledge as well.

Never use cliches!

Try to forget about such phrases as “I am a very good and motivated person, communicative and kind, good for team work, ready to work much…” and so long and so forth. All employers have heard them already, and they find all such phrases really boring and unnecessary to know. Try to use words and phrases that can both grab an employer’s attention and sound serious and formal.

Never send several resumes to the same employer and for the same position!

There is no need to send your CV to the same employer again and again. Even if you have several resumes where you described your different knowledge and skills, choose the one that will fit this position most. Don’t be annoying. If you are good enough to work at a company you’ve sent your CV to, they will definitely call and invite you for an interview.

And finally:

If you think you are able to do a job, show this to an employer in your CV.

Remember: they can’t read between the lines. No one knows all your strong sides as well as you do.