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Top Mistakes that Can Sabotage a Woman’s Career

Women have the tendencies to make choices that potentially sabotage their careers, and most often the not, they make it unconsciously. Find out these unconscious mistakes and how you can consciously prevent them from potentially sabotaging your career.

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How We Think

Most women often have the notions on what will get us to the top or what will not; often times we believe that not doing these can lead to catastrophic events. These are called superstitious beliefs, example: “I will only be rewarded if I work hard”, “My boss will fire me if I tell him/her what I think”. Thoughts such as these are often built on advises from our parents. Well these might be true for them but they can no longer apply for us. Some of these notions can be helpful or functional in your early career, but most of them are not helpful later on.

Changing this way of thinking is a very important step if a woman wants a steady and fruitful progress in her career path, but changing how a person thinks or behaves is far easier said than done. This of course is because we have grown accustomed to or are comfortable about this thinking. And the fact that we don’ know what will happen if we embrace a new line of thinking is indeed something to be worried about. However, if women do not take these steps, careers would suffer.

The Miracle Worker

Most women believe that promotions or rewards in jobs can be achieved when they make miracles. Well this is something women should be proud of; women can beat impossible deadlines, they can do more with less in hand, and even manage to juice out a turnip. They believe that the others would recognize and appreciate these efforts is something of an issue, so women continue to work hard, make seemingly miraculous work. But this only sets expectations higher, and at times the expectations are so high even they themselves can’t surpass it.

The superwoman notion in work can be beneficial at times, but this notion only sets very high expectations which could be a problem in the long run. Women should strive for work habits that are realistic.

Putting Work First Before Personal Life

Work and life are two separate things; don’t make your work your life. You wouldn’t want something like this “She puts her company needs ahead of her own always” to be written to your tombstone. Give to the company an honest day’s work and the company will give an honest day’s pay. If you owe a reasonable overtime, then give it, but don’t give your soul. There is always that boundary between your personal life and your work life. Work is not everything, do not give up important things in life for work and do not underestimate what leisure and outside activities can do to you. Often times spending time with family and friends outside of work helps keep a person positive and productive.

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