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The Most Common Website Start-Up Mistakes Companies Make

A company’s website is the online equivalent of their physical store. It represents them. How a consumer sees a company’s website shapes how a consumer sees the company in general. This can be either good or bad, depending on the website.


As with anything done for the first time, companies tend to make a few start-up mistakes. While some are harmless, there are those that may have serious long-term implications that may come unnoticed until such a time wherein a company sees that the website is not getting enough traffic.

Fortunately, the list below should provide some insight on the most common website start-up mistakes companies make, as well as how your company can avoid them.

Designing to “Wow”

While it is great that your company’s website can get a few ooh’s and aah’s from visitors, but the wow factor subsides in a few minutes. After the visitor sees pass through it, your website will become just another website that they will never visit again, which is bad for profit.

In order to retain visitors and turn them into consumers, a website should have a proper concept, a proper theme, and built to not only wow visitors, but to become the online extensive of the company.

Overwhelming Consumers with Information

As much as you would like to tell consumers how good your products and/or services are, most would be turned off by the onslaught of information you give them. Instead of giving them a hundred reasons, focus on three that makes your products and/or services unique or better compared to those offering the same.

Leaving Out Other Platforms/Browsers

Sure, your website looks good on your computer and while browsing using google chrome. What about in Mozilla? What about in Opera? What about in Internet Explorer? What about when viewed using a mobile phone? Remember, technology has evolved to the point that browsing a website comes in many forms, and your website must cater to each and every one of them if you hope to tap into the consumer market.

Making Your Website Look Generic

While you may not have designed your website to “wow” visitors, you should also avoid making it look generic. NEVER use common online templates for your website. It is unprofessional and make your website look like any other website out there.

Not Optimizing it FOR SEO, SEM, SMM

SEO, SEM, SMM or Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, are all prominent factors in the online market. Without them, a website will fail to tap into the online market and the investment of the company will go to waste in as little as a few weeks.

Yes, these are all major mistakes. However, the biggest start-up mistake that any company could make is if they do not assign technical people to work on the website.

True, HTML, CSS and other languages related to web design take only a few weeks or months to learn the basics, more advanced programming takes years to master and only those who have the experience and education can make a website truly successful and make it stand-out from the rest.

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