Redesigned New Model of Corolla With Aggressive Styling

Toyota Motor Corporation relies on the ‘Corolla’ more than anyone of its compact and subcompact cars. It was widely accepted in the world when it was first introduced in 1966. By 1974 the best-selling car worldwide was none other than the Toyota Corolla. It has also become the best-selling nameplate with the sale of almost 40 million units in the world. This car is satisfying consumer needs for almost 47 years and played a major role in building the reputation of Toyota for quality and durability. Corolla is the only option for consumers who are looking for efficiency and affordability in a compact vehicle.

Redesigned New Model of Corolla

Till now Toyota has introduced 10 generations of Corolla since 1966 and now 11th generation Corolla is on its way with new aggressive styling. It is expected that old conservative styling and handling issues are not part of this model. The exterior design looks much better than the previous models. This model will definitely associate the name of Corolla with styling, design, craftsmanship, and quality.

The new shape and design are the result of customer feedback in which they emphasized improved and new design which is an important element in building product perception. The strong design statement and compelling outlook and interior will challenge all preconceived opinions about Corolla. Toyota aims to target its current customers as well as the new youthful customers with the new Corolla.

Exterior Design

The new Corolla has an expressive exterior with a clean and distinct outline that is developed and executed on the theme of ‘iconic dynamism’ which was first introduced in the Corolla Fauria. Tauter and more acrobatic relation among the parts is the distinctive feature of the new model and they move on an extended wheelbase. Wheels are pushed outward near the corner. The front view of this model is somewhat similar to the front view of the new Toyota Camry and Avalon creating the impression of the elegant and streamlined shape of compact sedans.

There was a need to make deeply rounded corners in the original concept of design to create a smooth and glossy image but the thick structure of old headlights was making it difficult that’s why elegant dense LED lights are used to reduce the mass and to make rounded corners.


To make the stylish, functional, and attractive interior and use craftsmanship in its design Toyota has used the same “Iconic Dynamism” theme. The horizontal structure of the dashboard helps to increase the spaciousness of the interior and provides more functional space to interact with the controls. Toyota used piano-black shine with the use of metallic elements to enhance the appearance.

Passenger comfort has improved and legroom for back seat occupants has increased because of the extended wheelbase. To increase the quietness in the car and to reduce the severity of road and engine sounds entering the car, they use acoustic glass on the windscreen. There are supportive and longer cushions in the front seats. The seat’s adjustment range has also increased by 0.59 inch and lift mechanisms has also been reduced.

There are three dials of gauge present clearly defined image detail with blue light. The speedometer dial shows multi-information like odometer, fuel consumption, average consumption, and average speed.  As far as the DVDs Player is concerned the new model has an In-dash car DVD player with built-in Bluetooth, TV, Radio, and navigation. You can also control your iPod on it. It has a digital touch screen with High Definition resolution. In this model, the power source for the car charger is USB not a cigarette lighter, and within no time it reconnects you to the world.

Distinct four Grades

L, LE, S, and the new LE Eco are the four grades that are available in the new Corolla. Equipment level is different in each grade. Low beam LED headlights with daytime running LED lights, FM/AM antenna, power door locks with automatic locking, power windows, Bluetooth connectivity, and 8 airbags are the features that are available in all grades.


The priority and main focus of this model is to give fuel economy. The new grade LE eco increases the fuel economy with the aid of aerodynamic covers, the 1.8-liter efficient engine having Valvatid technology.

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