Quick Fixes to Update Your Business Look

A majority of workplaces are boring with their basic furniture and white walls and it comes to a point where a change needs to happen to update the business look and feel for the worker’s and customer’s sake. Business owners may think it takes a lot of money to change a workplace to make it more appealing and exciting for workers and customers. If you get creative enough, there are many quick fixes that can be done to update any business without costing you a leg and an arm. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started.

Quick Fixes to Update Your Business Look


Just a fresh coat of paint can do a lot to update your business. You could consider touches of color from your business logo or colors that are popular right now for a start. Each year Pantone picks a “color of the year.” It doesn’t necessarily have to be this year’s color (emerald by the way in case you were curious), but colors previous years can get you some ideas as well. Depending on what your business does whether it’s a café (shades of coffee brown and pastels perhaps) or a spa (calming colors such as lilac and sky blue), you may want to select colors that are in accordance to the atmosphere of your business.


Liven up your business with nature. Plants can create an at-home feel to any office. Not only that but they help air circulation and can have a calming effect on workers. In a study by Dr. Virginia Lahr of Washington State University, she found that participants were less stressed and more productive by 12% when placed in a working environment with plants.

Wall Graphics

Whether landscapes, inspirational quotes, a unique design, or your business’ logo, wall graphics can update any wall and office. Quick and easy to apply, wall graphics can be fitted to fit a wall or just a small section. If you have a special going on in your store, you can use wall graphics consistently for sales promotions or if a holiday season is coming up, you can get in the spirit with graphics that can be put up and taken down each year.

Pop-Up stores

More expensive yet not entirely a complete turnaround for your place of business, pop-up stores have become very popular recently. Pop-up stores are designed to give a business either a completely different business look or become an entirely different store every couple of months more or less. Businesses will have these stores pop-up unannounced (hence the name) and disappear or change just as fast. These stores are a unique way for customers to try new products, services, or experience a completely different atmosphere than the previous one. From crates to igloo shaped stores, coffee shops to clothing boutiques, businesses are getting very creative with where the pop-up stores are located and how they are furnished. Some pop-up stores change every week to a new style and some stay open for just three days in comparison.

Remember, you don’t need an interior decorator to change your office. Take matters into your own hands and create the space that is right for your business and office with these changes.

Kate Simmons is a freelance writer and fashion blogger. She is interested in how businesses are able to create an atmosphere that is appealing for workers and customers alike.

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