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On-Street Parking: Good Or Bad

The world’s landscape is changing dramatically and it is becoming important to provide parking spaces outside every mall, eating spot or office building. Not all parking spaces are identical but every authorized business offers a separate kind of parking for their customers and employees. There are different types of parking bays available but the key thing that you must know is whether it’s the on-street parking or the off-street parking. However if you talk more about the urban cities, people don’t care about the type of parking. All they care about is to park their vehicle on the next parking spot available.


Off-street parking has a lot of space so that people can park on a marked spot. They also have different forms which are known as private parking or public parking. Most of the big organizations and companies rent a separate place which they reserve for their clients and workers to park their vehicle. They also create underground parking lots which are pretty convenient and acquire parking garages that may be public or private.

On-Street Parking Good Or Bad


In many big cities, parallel parking on the side of the road is known as on-street parking. These parking spots can be angled perpendicular to the road. On-street parking models are best as they reduces the width of land by limiting the length of the street. Just because they are equally distributed along with the streets, they cause less disturbance as compared to other parking lots. Big parking lots often create barriers to pedestrians and occupy huge space.

People prefer on-street parking over off-street parking style as it tends to share parking places for the public and private sectors. According to a local report; people in North America prefer on-street parking. The main reason behind it is the ability of on-street parking. It offers feasibility and holds traffic-calming measures that keep the flow running on the road.

You can reserve places for your exclusive guests or clients in off-street parking areas. Whereas with on-street parking, you get an inherent advantage that says ‘first come, first park your vehicle’.

The wide roads incite drivers to drive faster than the limit which can result in an accident or violating traffic rules. It can make the street more dangerous for cyclists, pedestrians or disabled people. To avoid this kind of a scenario, the majority of countries prefer on-street parking model.

The reason why on-street model is mostly considered is because it’s very effective. It narrows both sides of the road which makes the driver slow down the car speed. The fixed objects on either side of them reduce the amount of risk they can cause. It makes the driver slow down and drive more carefully.

On-street parking is definitely a good option due to its parallel curb that can be used for people to follow traffic management. It offers a safety barrier for other vehicles and pedestrians. It also lessens the amount of impervious surface that is required to create a separate parking space.

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