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New York City Breaks – Planning a Weekend in the “Big Apple”

New York is on the to-do list of so many people that we could be forgiven for assuming that everyone knows the places which they simply must see and the things they simply must do if and when they get there.

This of course isn’t true! So many people have no idea what New York offers aside from The Statue of Liberty, Times Square and Broadway.

Whilst these iconic attractions are all must-sees in their own ways, there is also a wealth of other wonderful sightseeing opportunities in the “city that never sleeps”.

Central Park

Consisting of no less than 843 acres, Central Park is – as its title would suggest – smack bang in the middle of the city.

Lush green grass, swathes of woodland, ponds, lakes and floral displays are there to be enjoyed at all times of the year and there’s even a section called “Strawberry Fields” in honour of John Lennon who resided in the city for some time.

You can hire a bicycle to really get around the park at top speed; this is a great way to enjoy the space as well as cover more ground.

Central Park is a popular retreat for tourists and natives alike.

Central Park is a popular retreat for tourists and natives alike.

Greenwich Village

A long-established home for artists, singers, Bohemians and hangers-on, Greenwich Village is to all intents and purposes a village within a city.

It has a unique atmosphere and some of the most interesting old eateries that you will see anywhere in the region.

Known simply as “The Village” it’s perhaps more touristy than it once was but it still retains a certain quirkiness, and the architecture is simply fabulous.

The Village is flanked on one side by Broadway and has its own showplace in The Cherry Lane Theatre which also happens to be the oldest continually running off-Broadway theatre with regular performances.

The Village has long been home to subversive and rebellious artists and residents are naturally proud that The Village was home to the USA’s first ever racially integrated nightclub. Café Society played host to some of the world’s finest jazz musicians and singers.

New York Time Square at night

New York Time Square at night 

It’s here in Greenwich that you may find and even stay in one of the most notorious rock n’ roll hotels in the world.

The Hotel Chelsea, often known simply as “The Chelsea” has been the refuge of artists for many years. They no longer accept long term residency but many of the original inhabitants are still residing in this most atmospheric of hotels.


Broadway with its lines of brightly lit theatres showing the latest and biggest hits has been offering entertainment to the residents and visitors of New York since around 1750 when celebrated theatrical managers Murray and Kean began a resident company at a theatre on Nassau Street.

Since then theatres have flourished in the area and there are now 40 which seat more than 500-strong audiences.

A visit to Broadway is a must if you are staying in New York, whether you are a theatre fan or not, the spectacle of Broadway at night is not to be forgotten.


New York is an exciting and diverse city with something on offer for everyone. From open green spaces, to dark and dingy nightclubs, it’s a wild and crazy place which many fall in love with and long to re-visit.


Prepare to stay for as long as possible and keep your mind and your eyes open…this is a city of the unexpected. To find cheap flights to NYC be sure to check-out the Cheap Flights Price Comparison site.


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