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How to Build a Long-Term Relationships with Your Customers

You’ve successfully sold your product to a number of customers. Well, there are a little over a hundred people that bought your product. And your sales seem to be good and steady. Now, what should you do? What can you do to maximize your profits from your current customers? Most product sellers don’t do anything to keep their customers buying from them. Instead, they regard the transaction as the end of the deal. But, if you can follow what your customers want from you, you’ll be a lot more successful and you can reap a lot more profits from each of your customers. Here are 5 tips to build a long-term relationship with your customers:

long term business relationships

1. Your appreciation for the purchase

Your customers will feel very happy and satisfied with their purchase if you appreciate their buying decision. Remember that it doesn’t mean you just writing a “thank you for your purchase” note in the download page. It means that you should send them follow up email thanking them personally about your appreciation for their purchase. It is also better to include a special offer or discount along with your thank you email.

2. A special offer

When your costumers purchase your product, they are aching to purchase another product from you. You might think that once a customer has purchased a product, they won’t be willing to purchase another. But, it simply isn’t true. When you buy a video game system, do you want to buy the games as well? Of course! When you buy a computer, do you want to buy the software as well? Of course! When you buy a book, do you want to buy another book? Of course! When you give your customers a special offer, there is 50% chance that they will take that as well.

3. Special support

When your customers buy your product, they will feel entitled to your support. Why? Because they want to get the most out of their investment with your product. Besides, if they experience any difficulty with it, they want you to help them solve that difficulty. They want your premium support. They want your special support, especially if the price of your product is high ($67 or more). If you fail to provide the support that they need, they’ll tend to make a comeback by asking a refund.

4. Constant communication

When you buy an expensive product and the seller no longer communicates with you after the purchase, what will you do? If you email the seller and you get no response, what will you do? You’ll begin to panic and you think that the vendor has ripped you off. That’s why you need constant communication with your customers in order to keep a good relationship between you and them. Besides, you’ll build more trust and a reputation if you can constantly communicate with your customers.

5. Related product promotion

Believe it or not, people who bought your product don’t want to buy only your product. They’ll be excited to buy other related products as well. So, if you give your customers regular product promotions, you’ll be able to win more sales from them. However, your offer has to be irresistible for them. For instance, you can do it by giving a 20% discount for the next purchase only or by giving a special limited time offer that your customers can’t miss. Remember that the key for your success in this promotion is relevancy. You have to promote only related products to your customers to maximize the chance for them to buy those products.

Those are my top 5 tips to build a long-term relationship with your customers. Give those things to your customers and you’ll be able to build a good long-term business relationship with them.

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