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How Assessing Employee Skills Can Help Develop Your Company

Assessing employee skills is an invaluable tool for all organizations. It helps them evaluate the employees’ knowledge and skill set and how it can be best utilized for the benefit of the organization. Employee skill assessment results in a highly skilled workforce that can contribute positively to the organization. Skills assessment helps employees gain more experience and knowledge, and sharpen their existing skills and even discover hidden talents.

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How Employee Skills Assessment Can Help Develop your Company

1.       Recognize Employee Strengths and Weaknesses

Skills assessment is the best way for an organization to learn about their employees’ strength and weaknesses. Knowing an employee’s strength will help employers assign the right job profile to the employee. It’ll show you the areas in which an employee excels and areas in which he might need to improve and may need training or assistance.

2.       Improve Recruitment Efficiency

Organizations should also assess potential hires and not just existing employees. Evaluating potential candidates can save an organization a great deal of money because it may prevent you from hiring the wrong candidate. It also results in a qualified workforce because skill assessment lets you pick those candidates who have the right skills and temperament needed for the required positions.

3.       Promote the Right People

Employers should also conduct tests based on aptitude and personality traits. They can determine the motivation and initiative an employee possesses. It gives the employer a fair idea on the employee’s critical and analytical thinking skills, how he might react to deadlines, and his ability to succeed as a part of a team without sidelining his own personal targets. Aptitude tests show the employer his logical thinking and reasoning skills and how he or she might deal with a complex situation. Evaluating employee skills helps identify those employees who have the capability to take on more responsibilities, can adapt to changing job requirements quickly and easily, and which employees are ready to move up the ladder or are better suited to a different job profile within the same organization.

4.       Motivate Performance

Skills assessment lets the management know whether the employees are performing as per the set expectations. This kind of performance measurement allows the company to come up with some kind of rewards and recognition program for employees who exceed the set targets and which also acts as a great motivator to employees who are falling short of expectations.

5.       Offer the Right Training Programs

Knowing the employees’ skill level after an assessment is useful in determining what kind of training programs are required. A training program will help employees acquire new and relevant skills that match his or her job profile. The management can also come up with development programs for employees who wish to sharpen their current skill set and work toward achieving bigger targets by building upon their current strengths.

6.       Increase Your Bottom Line Profits

The end goal of any business is to make a profit. Assessing the skills of your employee is one way to minimize waste and maximize your assets in terms of human resources.

Ways to Carry out Skills Assessment

1.       Buy a Software

You can purchase software that’s specifically designed to appraise employee skills. Investing in such software means you aren’t dependent on any outside provider to carry out this task for you.

2.       Adopt a More Personal Approach

You can hold personal interviews and carry out performance reviews on a regular basis to evaluate employee skills. This is a very personal approach which lets you interact more with your employees and help them in updating their skill sets and is an effective way to communicate freely with each other.

3.       Choose an Online Professional Service

You can hire the services of a professional consulting company who specializes in skill assessment. They can either carry out the assessment themselves or work with you and draw up a plan that lets you evaluate your workforce’s skills in the best possible fashion.

But the point mentioned above may have a small drawback. It may deter employees who aren’t comfortable about having their skills tested in one-on-one interviews. This is where online assessment of employee skills comes in. Online assessment lets you carry out the evaluation with great flexibility without hampering employee productivity. Whether it’s an existing employee or a candidate, he or she can give this test online, whether from their home or at the workplace. CareerStep’s corporate training programs offer a complete set of employee skills assessments that can be customized to suit your organization’s needs. Their corporate training modules help you determine training needs for individual employees and the online format doesn’t impede employee productivity because it lets employees take the test at their own pace without interfering with their daily schedules.

As an organization, if you haven’t yet taken steps to assess employee skills and strengths, do it NOW. It’s a guaranteed route to success, not just for you but for your workforce as well. Continuous skill assessment will help you reduce turnover and encourage and boost productivity among employees. As skill assessment results in employees learning and discovering more about themselves, it acts as the perfect tool for employee development and strengthening employer-employee relationships.

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