Home Improvement Project Ideas That Do Not Require All the Effort

When you think about home improvement, you might associate this topic with both sweat and money. While home improvement projects will require an investment of time and money, there are several different projects that require very little effort and a small investment that will still increase your property’s value. The key to improving your home this Spring is focusing on inexpensive projects that will offer you the highest return on investment when it comes to the value of your property value. Here are 6 projects that will give your property a facelift without scheduling a demolition.

Home Improvement Project Ideas

6 “Lazy” Renovation Project Ideas

Idea 1: Breath Life Into Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are beautiful, but after the years they will start to look dull. If you want to breath life back into your hardwood floors, restore them to give them the character they once had. Restoration projects are much easier and inexpensive than a resurfacing or replacement project. With the right hardwood floor finish and a few hours, your living room and dining room will look transformed.

Idea 2: Polishing Your Grout

If you have tile floors, chances are that the group could use a deep cleaning. Over time, tile grout gets stained no matter how often you mop your floors. If you have tile in the bathroom or in the kitchen, avoid the temptation to schedule grout steam cleaning and invest in a whitener product that is design specifically for light grout. All you do is use the whitener, let it sit, and then wipe it up.

Idea 3: Add Style to Your Bathroom for Less

Bathroom renovations can cost a lot of money. If you are looking for a creative way to update your bathroom on a very limited budget, you can turn your boring bathroom mirror into a framed piece of art for less than $50. With just four pieces of molding, some liquid nails for adhering, and paint that matches your flooring, wall paint, and cabinetry, you update an important room in your home.

Idea 4: Granite Countertops Without the Headache

Granite countertops can transform a kitchen and add a lot of value, but the idea of demolishing your kitchen and spending thousands of dollars gives you anxiety. Luckily, if you do business with the right Bergen County contracting company, you can order granite overlay and have it installed over your existing countertops at a fraction of the cost and without tearing anything out of the kitchen.

Idea 5: Painting Main Exterior Features

You may not realize it, but weathering doors, shutters, or other outdoor features can dramatically impact the curb appeal of your home. Invest in some paint and paint your wood mailbox, your shutters, or even your front door so that your home exterior stands out.

Idea 6: Replacing Your Entry Door

If there is no salvaging your front door, invest in a new one. An entry door with ornate detailing, a cute knocker, or decorative glass detailing can complete transform your entryway.

Each of these projects can be completed in less than a day on a very limited budget. Make sure you only take on the projects you can reasonably handle and leave the professional repairs to a company specializing in home repair Saddle River. Once you are done with each of these projects, you can commit to taking on projects that require a little more effort next year.

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