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Five Tips for Finding Student Accommodation

Going to university or college can be one of the most exciting, challenging, yet scary times of your life. Often, it’s when students move away from home for the first time or when a mature Adult has to move away from their loved ones to further their education to provide for their family. So finding the right accommodation is pretty important.

Student Accommodation

If you’ve secured a place at university, starting soon and haven’t yet found a place to live, don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be as scary or as difficult as it seems to find somewhere to live that will suit your every need.  There’s still time and a number of routes you can go down to find that perfect student home. Here are five great tips to help you on your way.

1.  Firstly you need to decide what type of Accommodation will suit your needs best. Whether you want to live in the University managed or nominated Accommodation or go down the route of renting from a Private Landlord. You should decide which is going to be the most cost effective solution for your own circumstances.

2. Choosing a University managed Accommodation can give you a couple of options, it can give you either a Catered option or a Self-Catered option.

 The benefits for a catered option are that your meals will be cooked for you and to a degree and there will be that certainty of meal costs. The self-catering option gives you the Freedom (and challenge) of cooking for yourself within your group and is a popular option as it gives you greater flexibility.

If this sounds like an option that would suit your needs then the Accommodation Office at your University will be able to assist you further. This is a sensible place to start.

3. Next you have the option of renting from a private landlord, either with other students in a shared house, on a larger purpose built development or a private property. Many Private Landlords should be registered with the University through an Accreditation Scheme. The property and landlord will need to adhere to a set of standards. Check with your University if the particular landlord you choose is registered with this scheme. Where ever you choose make sure you know your rights and sign a tenancy agreement.

4. You will need to look at all options available to you thoroughly to ensure this really is best for your personal needs. You also need to look at commuting costs and times to University from your accommodation. Your University Office will be able to help you decide.

5. So, with your Accommodation sorted, maybe a few flat mates and an awareness of your rights, it will be down to you to apply a few personal touches to make it a home from home, maybe a few photos of your loved ones, soft furnishings, good lighting and the smell of your home cooking will make it feel like you had never left home.

Amanda is currently a student and enjoys sharing advice regarding the ins and outs of being in University. She wants to express her likeness of and let people know they should check it out.

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