Best Manliest Man Things

Men’s masculinity hinges on the activity that men associate with. As they age, they are become more and more aware of how that is done. There are several ways to live like a man, participating in certain activities will rank you higher on the manly list, while others may leave you flat and dull.

Best Manliest Man Things

1. A Beard

The first and biggest indicator of manifoldness is the growth and maintenance of facial hair – namely, the beard. It demonstrates excellent testosterone, endurance, and general ruggedness. Men can design their hair into any shape, each one denoting some different personality traits. The more manicured facial hair is, the more sophisticated one looks. One could opt for the lumberjack beard, wearing red plaid and could be just as manly as the man with a classic goatee wearing a fitted suit. It should be acknowledged here that while a beard is manly, when it becomes scraggly and unpresentable you are doing yourself a disservice. When dealing with beards and facial hair, a man should create an excellent shaving kit, with a brush, deluxe razor, and some Italian shaving soap.

2. Handicraft Skills

There is an old adage saying that if a man is not handsome then he should at least be handy and that is another important step towards manliness. Inside and out, men need to be good with tools for small and large jobs around the house. Car maintenance is another aspect, being able to repair one’s own car. Small things like jumping a car, changing the oil or tires, or other small maintenance should be well rehearsed and quickly accomplished. This shows self-reliance and discipline – two very manly traits.

3. Sports

Another source of manliness is by participating in sports. This builds on the natural competitive spirit of man but is also a great opportunity to show off your agility in front of the women-folk. It is also a great healthy activity to keep up your endurance and build muscle – two other very manly traits. Find what sports interest you then join a league, or join a gym, and dedicate time throughout the week to train and improve. It will benefit not only your body but also your spirit putting you in a transcended state of mind above the boys. Bouldering is rugged and builds muscles, as well as can be a great first date.

4. Knowledge of Liquors

Necessary for all men to be able to woo the fairer sex when out on dates is knowledge of alcohol. Being able to recognize a nice cocktail, will set you in a different class from the ones drinking discounted beer. Mixology also has a rich and varied history and being able to draw from that knowledge will surely impress the date as well as show a sense of the finer things in a man. Brewing beer demonstrates a scientific knowledge and a self-starter personality and can be a great way to invite people over for a party.

5. Outdoor Skills

While man, can be refined in a suit with a martini, he should also be able to handle the elements. Camping expertise like building a fire, and navigation are also great demonstrations of self-reliance. This will spark ladies’ attentions because of the romantic idea of you pitting yourself against the world and winning. Having a knack around different environments makes you better to deal with other problems in ordinary life too.

There are many different definitions of manliness but now it is a mixture of brute force and refined taste. Having facial can assist your personality and presentation while you will be required to work with your hands and be competent to solve problems, fix things, and get the girl.

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