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Add a Touch of Panache to Your Home with Vintage Rugs

Vintage items have been all the range in recent years and continue to be immensely popular world-wide. With fashion icons such as Kate Moss and Tatiana Sorokko creating vintage garments sold by designers such as Coco Chanel and Marc Jacobs, the vintage look has gained huge popularity over the years. From clothing to collectables, this retro style dominates the fashion industry.

Following the trend into decor design, those wanting to add luxury and panache to their home will find vintage items are a must. The classic and timeless vintage rug is arguably the key interior accessory; here are some of the reasons why.

A Fun and Fabulous Look

Inspired by previous eras such as the roaring 1920s, this retro style is flamboyant, fun and fabulous. A time of swing dancing, jazz music and all around entertainment, many vintage rugs aim to reflect this exciting and extravagant era. Boasting detailed, elaborate designs and beautiful, bold colours, the addition of a vintage rug will add life and spice to the home. Those wanting to capture the energetic, luxury lifestyle of the 1920s, will find brightly coloured rugs such as burnt orange or Persian pink add that touch of panache to the home, making for a vibrant and vivacious atmosphere.

Close-up of a vintage rug design

Close-up of a vintage rug design

A Lavish and Luxurious Ambience

Rugs inspired by older eras will aim to encapsulate a sophisticated and elegant appeal. Soft but majestic colours such as saffron and gold will contribute to a lavish and luxurious atmosphere, creating the impression of extra space. Consequently homes will capture the grand appeal of a classic manor house, however small or large they may be. With homes radiating a royal ambience, guests are sure to receive a regal welcome.

An example of a stylish vintage rug

An example of a stylish vintage rug

Complements a Simplistic Style

Vintage rugs often sport an extremely detailed and intricate design, making them the perfect match for any simplistic home. Instead of overcrowding the home with pointless accessories, homeowners can use this ultimate, practical accessory to add stunning detail to the room. Rugs will complement traditional, timeless styles or work alongside a modern design, to add detail and class. An ideal way to save money, rugs will gain more attention than a hundred accessories combined.

Affordable and Customisable

Thankfully the panache and luxury that vintage rugs add to the home does not come with an unattainably high price tag. Usually ranging from £50 to £100, these retro rugs are a great, affordable buy. Available in a range of sizes, homeowners can customise rugs so that they fit perfectly into any room or space. From creating a striking and stunning impression with an enormous rug to setting a subtle and sophisticated tone with a smaller sized floor covering, there are a variation of sizes to suit all. With a choice of colours also on offer, householders will be able to pick the right tone to match interior designs and themes.


Vintage rugs are undoubtedly a great buy. A style which is bound to be popular for decades to come, the addition of a retro floor covering will make a huge difference to the home. From creating an elegant, eye-catching atmosphere to capturing a fun and fabulous look, this must-have home accessory will make all the difference between a house and a home. Supplying that extra touch of panache, vintage rugs are a purchase homeowners won’t regret.




Image Credits: The Living Room in Kenmore and All About Evelyn

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