A Comparison Between Managed and Unmanaged Dedicated Servers

Web hosting is an important tool for a website to perform and function efficiently. This web hosting business is becoming popular especially for websites either operated by individuals and small or large corporations. Customers should evaluate the basic needs of their websites before deciding which web hosting plan to choose. Make sure that you read and understand all the terms and conditions written in the contract before signing.

Dedicated web hosting is solely for one owner. Dedicated web hosting is mostly preferred by the large websites or blogs because of its features like security, bandwidth, space, and other software. This type of web hosting is reliable when it comes to managing traffic on the websites. A customer can fully operate or administer this server and can select the hardware and can customize the operating system and features according to his or her preferences. An advantage of having a dedicated web server is the faster loading when visitors check your websites. Although dedicated web hosting server plan is more expensive than other plans, there are a lot of discounted and affordable offers that are available. The advantages of dedicated webhosting are worth especially if the business is quite large. Therefore you can operate the business well and produce high profit.

unmanaged dedicated servers

The two classifications of dedicated web hosting servers are managed and unmanaged. Here are some things about the two types of dedicated web hosting server plans. This information might help you in choosing the best web hosting plan for your business.

Managed Dedicated Web Hosting

When a customer purchases a dedicated web hosting plan, the service provider company will install everything from features, applications to software. You can also request upgrades services from the provider. Technical support is very efficient in this type of hosting because when there are troubles you can call them and they will assist you immediately. Customers will be provided complete technical assistance in managing the server. For managed dedicated web hosting plans, it is important to check the prices of the plans, testimonials and reviews of the customers, terms and conditions, and the technical support offered by the company.

Unmanaged Dedicated Web Hosting

This type of plan is much cheaper compared to managed plan. The service provider company will install all the necessary feature and software upon purchase and then leave the rest to your own hands. In short, the provider is not responsible in managing the server. Technical and IT skills are very important when considering unmanaged dedicated web hosting server for any trouble that you might encounter in the future. And there are charged fees in case you request for any help with the hardware and data center reboot. But these are only minimal support from the provider.

For smaller online businesses which doesn’t have tremendous traffic yet but is already building up to it and requires a more secure and reliable hosting environment, the best dedicated server may be a dedicated virtual server.

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