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5 Apps That Will Help You Market Your Small Business

Despite the large chain stores that always seem to be looming around every corner, small businesses remain the backbone of our economy. In fact, the 27 million small businesses in America make up 99.7% of employment opportunities. However, the number one problem for small businesses remains sales.

Many small businesses are finding new solutions to this problem by using apps. Currently, apps are more in demand than mobile sites. In fact, businesses have reported a 61% ROI of apps compared to mobile sites. Apps are used 61% more often than other marketing methods. These statistics are why businesses report that apps are 75% better than other methods of marketing their business.

Even if you currently have no plans to develop your own app, here are three easy to use, ready-made apps you can use to market your business.



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By far one of the most powerful apps, Foursquare is one part app, one part social media site and all powerhouse. Foursquare is a location check-in app. It helps promote your business by allowing other people to say they are there and leaving reviews in real time. With over 3 billion check-ins, 1 million businesses and 40 million venues, foursquare is one of the best apps for getting your business on the virtual map.

Other Social Media Apps

While Foursquare is in a class of its own, other social media sites have also tapped into the power of apps. Popular sites like WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Google + and Tumbler all offer free apps. These apps enable you to manage your online presence across multiple platforms. This also enables you to connect with your customers using the power of both social media and mobile.


If you haven’t heard of this app before, you might not be tracking your marketing as effectively as you could. Statigram gives you analytics for sites like Instagram, which currently have none natively. It gives advice based on your statistics. Some of the advice includes when to post new pictures, the most popular picture how many looks each picture gets, and more.

Email Apps

Innovative auto-responders, like iContact , now offer email marketing apps so you can grow your business. These apps, known as ‘list building apps’, can easily help you double the size of your existing list. These apps integrate with both mobile and social media to give you double the reach.

While not a marketing app, is extremely useful to small businesses. Known as the Cadillac of budgeting apps, Mint enables you to link together all of your credit cards, financial accounts and more to give you a true picture of what you are spending. Since cash flow is so important to small businesses, is another must have app.

With 81% of customers preferring apps to a traditional online experience, apps will be part of the future of business for a long time to come. Even if your business does not currently have its own app, you can still use apps to market your business.

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