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4 Tips for Choosing a Mattress


Your back aches. You haven’t had a good night’s sleep in weeks. It might be time to invest in a new mattress. Choose the right mattress for your body type to make sure your money is well spent. Buying a mattress can be a significant investment if you select a high end model.

Make sure to check the warranty before purchasing a new mattress. Look for a minimum 10 year full replacement or non prorated warranty or else move on to the next option. Do not shop at department or furniture stores for your new mattress. You need a qualified salesperson who is well versed on the subject of sleep. If you can find a store which carries major mattress brands stick around to do some shopping.

Consider Adjustable Beds

If you enjoy sitting in a recliner opposed to lying down consider buying an adjustable bed. Alleviate lower back pressure by elevating your knees and head slightly with an adjustable bed. Save money by using pillows to create a similar effect.

Do Not Choose a Hard Mattress

Contrary to popular belief using a firm mattress is not necessarily good for your back. A firm feeling mattress is quite different from a firm supporting mattress. Seek out a comfortable feel along with firm support to create the optimal environment. Select a medium firm mattress instead of a firm mattress to best serve your lower back. Save yourself hour’s worth of agony with a bad back and cut your medical bills by choosing the right mattress. Certain types of beds, such as the  Sleep Number bed, offer the ability to adjust your mattress as it suits you.

Seek Medical Advice

Speak to your doctor before buying a mattress. Talking to your physical therapist or doctor helps you find the right model for your body type. Note their recommendations but do remember that doctors are not necessarily sleep experts. Since medical specialists are familiar with your symptoms and medical conditions these professionals can offer solid insight which will help you make the appropriate choice.

Do Online Research

Before you travel to the store do thorough due diligence online. Save yourself time and energy by understanding what you need before shopping offline. Researching options which promote your health and wellness online gives you greater clarity in selecting your ideal mattress.

Test Drive Your Mattress

Why not take your new mattress for a test spin before committing to a buy? Visit the showroom to spend a few minutes lying down on your prospective mattress before making the buy. Spend at least 10 to 15 minutes chilling on the mattress to relax and soak up the experience. This is similar to taking a car for a test drive before purchasing the vehicle. Position yourself as you would when sleeping to see how the mattress fits your physique. Do not allow the sales person to rush you through the test drive process. Conquer any self-conscious feelings you might experience while relaxing on a mattress in the public.

Remember that this is a big purchase. You have every right to take your time. Assess the good before making a buy. Kicking the tires a few times is not good enough. Get a feel for the bed and if you feel uncomfortable rule the mattress out immediately.

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