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10 Healing Herbs

10 Healing Herbs


As we get closer to winter, I’ve been taking stock of my herbal medicine cabinet and deciding what to restock.  There are certain items, I like to keep in stock most of the time and none of it terribly exotic or mysterious.  Generally speaking my herbal supplies are homegrown or foraged very easily in my local area (I do supplement with purchased herbs when necessary).  I do believe that we all have different health needs and because of that our herbal medicine choices are also different and individual.  That being said, however, it does seem like there are a few standards that are easy for beginners to start embracing while also being great staples for the more experienced herbal healer.  If you need a few ideas on what to keep on hand, here are my favorite 10 healing herbs to keep stocked in the home medicine cabinet.  READ MORE >>

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