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Why You Should Be Writing Your Own Content

In the event you are actively involved in your website’s niche, you are the most qualified person to create your content whether on your site or published on other sites to promote your website. Years ago, the quality didn’t matter so much. I could research a topic, rewrite it and the website would rank well for it. It’s not just about research any more.  Now, when I write for other websites, I ask an extensive list of questions to do my best to understand the niche, follow news in the niche and read as much as I can. Even so, I can write much higher quality content for my own niche websites because:

1)      Years of experience allow me to write details no paid writer could write.

2)      I have an opinion about the way the niche operated in the past and the improvements it could make in the future.

3)      I can take my own pictures to incorporate into the content.

4)      I am well connected in the industry and frequent many trade shows.

Off-Site Content

For these reasons, not only can I create more interesting content; I also have the connections to get my content published. Content writers and link builders do not have these connections or capabilities.

Even if you know nothing about link building, you can provide content to a variety of sources in your industry by networking through Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, meeting people in niche forums, reaching out to bloggers and doing press releases.

The most interesting content is not content that is focused around a keyword. Content people want to publish on their websites contains information and usually it’s information that is not found on every other website. If the content were just keyword focused, the blogger could do that himself. He wouldn’t need your content nor have any reason to link back to you. But, if you can shed light on something in your niche or provide a creative solution, then people will embrace your content and gladly recommend you.

Your Site’s Content

The content on your own website will be far more engaging if it’s your own. If you don’t understand optimization, that can be implemented afterwards, but if optimization is your main focus, your page will be rendered unnaturally and turn users off. Should you keep a keyword in mind? Certainly.  Your page is all about that keyword. But, let the content happen naturally and you’ll be pleasing the eyes that matter – your visitors’.

You will have a much better idea of what people are looking for when they type a keyword into the search bar. You’ll know every type of media someone would want when performing that search. You can continue to improve your pages with updates.

Granted, not everyone is an English major, but if you can write interesting content and have someone review it for grammar and spelling, you’ll be much more satisfied with your own work than the work of someone who knows nothing about what you do.

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