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Why Recycling Is Important To Us All

The average American generates 4.5 pounds of trash a day. In the Chicago area alone more than 8 million tons of waste were recorded to have been dumped, and that was in 2008. So how do we take these frightening numbers and turn them around, and what does it mean to recycle?

The green initiative has been growing with rapid popularity. Homeowners are converting their home into energy and environmentally friendly places to live. Businesses are becoming more aware of how to be green friendly. Yet despite it all recycling is not done as frequently or as universally as it should be.


Why is recycling important?

One would hope that by now this answer would be well known, but in fact many people are just not as aware as they should be about the importance of recycling. What many people don’t realize is that almost anything can be recycled. Different materials require different recycling methods so sorting the trash accordingly and finding the right recycling centers for various goods is important to the success of any recycling program.

The following are the four main reasons that recycling is important.

1. Recycling saves energy. It’s as simple as that. It takes less energy to recycle old goods than it does to process new ones. Lower cost of energy use results in lower cost of production results in lower prices for goods.

2. Recycling helps mitigate global warming and reduce pollution. Less energy use means less greenhouse gas emission. It is even possible to recycle non-biodegradable waste, which lessens production of greenhouse gases and air pollution.

3. Recycling reduces waste in landfills. It seems obvious to state, but it is a key factor in the reasons why recycling is important. Most landfills are comprised of a majority non-biodegradable waste which means it takes a long time to decompose. Recycling takes that waste out of the landfill and turns it into new product. Ever watched the movie Wall-E? If waste continues to fill our landfills that movie is an exaggeration on what could happen to our world.

4. Recycling helps save you money. Yes this was mentioned before, but it deserves to be mentioned again. Because production costs are cheaper, so are the market prices on recycled items. The more we learn to recycle the more we can keep in our wallet. There are some recycled items that can be taken in to the appropriate recycling center for cash.

It should go without saying that by recycling we are also using less natural resources from the planet. Instead of digging, drilling, or harvesting for more resources we can re-use old items and conserve the resources that remain.

In some cities special programs have been established to help people become better at recycling. For example, Elgin recycling programs have made a commitment to improving recycling efforts in their area and educating the community about the importance of participating in various recycling programs. To learn more about Elgin recycling or about programs in your community, look online or contact the city or waste management companies in your area.

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